Security Token Group Breaks Down the $500,000,000 Already Invested into the Security Token Industry

Security Token Group Breaks Down the $500,000,000 Already Invested into the Security Token Industry

As of March 25th 2019, more than $500,000,000 has been invested into the young security token industry. A breakdown of that figure has been compiled by the Security Token Group, showing precisely where those funds are distributed throughout the industry.

The History of Security Tokens Explained

Despite high amounts of recent momentum, security tokens still represent a nascent asset class.

The first security token was created in April of 2017. The first compliant, peer-to-peer security token transfer on a public blockchain however, took place in November of 2018.

Throughout the young history, real world assets such as equity, real estate, investment funds, REITs, and even fine art have become tokenized in a regulatory compliant manner.

Distributed ledger technology (DLT) is anticipated to bring significant benefits to the capital markets industry through numerous elements: fractional ownership, an interoperable financial realm, the removal of unnecessary middlemen, instant settlement cycles, and added liquidity.

So far, at least $500,000,000 has been poured into the security token infrastructure, with expectations of that number to rise.

The following is a breakdown of that $500,000,000, where the Security Token Group has shown precisely where those funds are allocated throughout the industry:

Security Token Issuance Platforms:

Polymath, Barbados — $58,700,000

Harbor, San Francisco — $38,000,000

BankEx, New York — $30,000,000 (ICO)

Securitize, San Francisco — $12,800,000

Prometheum, New York — $12,000,000

Dharma Labs, San Francisco — $7,100,000

FinHaven, Vancouver — ~$5,900,000

BrickBlock, Gibraltar — $5,700,000

Swarm, San Francisco — $5,500,000 (ICO)

Neufund, Berlin — $3,420,000

Atomic Capital, New York — $3,400,000

SeriesX, Austin — $2,300,000

Abacus, San Francisco — $2,100,000

Smartlands, Cyprus — $1,750,000 (ICO)

Smart Valor, Zug — $1,500,000

Stem, Amsterdam — $300,000

Security Token Trading Platforms:

TZero*, New York — $134,000,000

Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange, Gibraltar — $27,000,000

Sharespost, New York — $15,000,000

Templum*, New York — $12,000,000

Hyperion*, Toronto — $8,000,000

INX, Gibraltar — $1,400,000

Open Finance Network, Chicago — Undisclosed

Archax, London — Undisclosed

Additional Security Token Infrastructure Companies:

SIX FinTech Ventures — $50,000,000

ComplyAdvantage, New York — $30,000,000

TransitNet, Los Angeles — $2,500,000

Security Token Group, Miami — $1,000,0000

Tokenomix, New York — Undisclosed

Companies Offering STO Services:

CoinBase, San Francisco — $300,000,000

Bakkt, New York — $182,000,000

Waves/ Tokenomica, Moscow — $120,000,000

SIX FinTech Ventures, Zurich — $50,000,000

BnktotheFuture, Hong Kong — $30,000,000 (ICO)

Trust Token, San Francisco — $21,700,000

StartEngine, Los Angeles — $14,600,000

Republic, San Francisco — $12,000,000

Coinlist, San Francisco — $9,200,000

Aarnav, New York — $230,000

iComply, Vancouver — Undisclosed


VerifyInvestor, Los Angeles — $12,000,000 Controlling Stake (81%) to TZero

SeedInvest, New York — Undisclosed sale to Circle

RenGen Labs, New York — Undisclosed to Republic

Ongoing Fundraising:

VRBex, Houston — $100,000,0000

Desico, Vilnius (Lithuania) — $5,0000,000

Abstract Tokenization, Denver — $3,000,000

Issuance, Los Angeles — $3,000,000

Digishares, Denmark — $1,100,000

Securrency, Washington D.C. — Undisclosed

Satang, Thailand — $10,000,000 (STO)

What do you think of the investment overview provided by the Security Token Group? Where will the total investment amount be at the end of 2019? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Image courtesy of Pixabay.