Neufund Doubles Expectations, Raises €3 Million in Its Security Token Offering

Neufund Doubles Expectations, Raises €3 Million in Its Security Token Offering

Neufund, a European equity fundraising platform, has announced that they have more than doubled their anticipated softcap and raised €3 million for their STO. Their offering was unveiled last week and has been met with significant interest from angel investors, VCs, and high-profile private individuals.

Mentioned as one of the prominent up-and-coming European startups, Neufund has found stellar results with their STO, raising €3 million. Despite the bearish market winter, Neufund has managed to make itself stand out and has reported solid results despite market turbulence. Their public offering will close on December 16th.

Currently, the minimum amount for investors remains at €100,000. However, Neufund has said that they expect to open up the STO to smaller investors sometime in 2019.

“Attracting a New Group of Investors”

Neufund has been quite proud of the unique investor pool for their security token offering. Their token offering has attracted a diverse group of people, from award-winning music producer Chris Zippel to movie producer Dario Suter.

Existing investors, however, have also been keen to get involved. Freigeist Capital and Atlantic Labs, to name a few, have put their investments towards Neufund’s exciting new equity fundraising platform.

Neufund has risen to a level of prominence generally unheard of in the security token industry. For example, Neufund’s CEO and co-founder Zeo Adamovicz is also an advisor in Germany’s government on distributed ledger technology. She has said that the interest in the security token space has been “overwhelming.”

Neufund’s STO is one of the first STOs in Germany, but other EU member states have been interested in the blockchain space for some time. Recently, seven EU countries came together to push for blockchain adoption and nations like Estonia have been leading the way in crypto-friendly legislation for the security token industry.

About Neufund

Neufund is a blockchain-based platform for investors based in Berlin, Germany. Their goal is to eliminate barriers to markets and open it up to a larger pool of potential investors and everyday working people. Since 2016, Neufund has been developing open-source standards for ownership, allowing for the first generation of security tokens to emerge on the market. Their parent company is Fifth Force GmbH, a venture capital firm founded in 2016.

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Image courtesy of Neufund.