Comistar Estonia Launches Security Token Offering Platform, Opening the EU to STOs

Comistar Estonia Launches Security Token Offering Platform, Opening the EU to STOs

Comistar Estonia which is part of Comistar International, a company which provides tax, legal and accounting services for foreign entrepreneurs and businesses coming to Estonia and Europe has announced the launch of its new token offering platform TokenizEU in beta.

The platform is now working on its first pilot projects. As of the beta launch, TokenizEU helps projects structure their security token offerings in Estonia, Switzerland, Malta, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands. TokenizEU structures their offerings using the SPVs (special purpose vehicles) of the most suitable jurisdiction, regardless of the current EU jurisdiction a project is operating in.

You do have the option to issue your token in another jurisdiction.

Comistar Estonia Wrote on their medium blog:

“Our goal is to become the main security token issuance platform in the whole European Union.”

As ambitious as this sounds, it is great to see a platform that has defined its target market. TokenizEU is not only helping projects launch their security token offerings, but is also providing projects with legal advisory, and assistance with marketing, which can be of much assistance to newcomers in this space.

What does this mean for the EU?

Many platforms are being developed and are battling for the largest market share. By having all these platforms developed, it allows these platforms to compete and create the best user experience possible, while users have to opportunity to choose from different platforms, and services. This allows for innovation at a rapid rate.

What’s the Process?

The aim of any security token issuing platform should be to make it as streamline and easy to use as possible. TokenizEU outlines its process in 4 steps, namely:

  • An application which details your project. This application can be completed via a webform on their website.
  • You will then need to choose your jurisdiction and the structuring of the offering.
  • Next the tokens are to be created and issued on the platform.
  • Lastly you may choose a platform partner for your marketing needs, or connect with investors.

After these 4 steps have been completed, you will have your own security token issued and ready for an STO (Security Token Offering). Easy as pie.

What’s in TokenizEU’s Future?

Comistar’s new platform, TokenizEU has the potential to bring much needed clarity and compliance when it comes to security token offerings. The platform has an opportunity to prove their expertise and compliance with their pilot projects. By integrating token offerings, legal advisory and marketing they stand out as a well-rounded platform. We look forward to seeing TokenizEU come out of beta, and allow projects an easy to use platform to issue security tokens.

What do you think of Comistar Estonia’s move to launch their STO platform TokenizEU?  Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

Image courtesy of TokenizEU.