Walmart (NYSE: WMT) Reports 6.0% Revenue Growth in Q1, Tops Forecasts
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Walmart (NYSE: WMT) Reports 6.0% Revenue Growth in Q1, Tops Forecasts

Walmart has reported impressive growth in Q1, with consolidated revenue reaching $161.5 billion.
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Walmart Inc. (NYSE: WMT) has reported a robust performance for the Q1 2024, showcasing significant growth across various metrics. The company achieved consolidated revenue of $161.5 billion, marking a 6.0% increase from the same period last year.

This growth includes a benefit of approximately 1% from an additional selling day. Impressively, Walmart’s operating income grew by 9.6%, amounting to $0.6 billion, with adjusted operating income up by 13.7%, driven by higher gross margins and an increase in membership income.

In addition to revenue and income growth, Walmart saw a substantial rise in its eCommerce sector, which grew by 21% globally. This surge was predominantly led by store-fulfilled pickup and delivery services, as well as its marketplace. The company’s global advertising business also saw a significant uptick, growing by 24%, including a 26% growth for Walmart Connect in the U.S. Furthermore, Walmart’s consolidated gross margin rate improved by 42 basis points due to enhancements across various segments, particularly Walmart U.S.

Walmart Exceeds EPS and Revenue Expectations in Q1 with $0.6 EPS and $161.5 Billion in Revenue

When comparing Walmart’s current performance against market expectations, the company has exceeded projections. Analysts had anticipated an EPS of $0.52, but Walmart reported a GAAP EPS of $0.63 and an adjusted EPS of $0.60.

This adjusted EPS excludes the effect, net of tax, from a net gain of $0.05 on equity and other investments and business reorganization charges of $0.02. Additionally, the revenue expectation for the quarter was $159.57 billion, yet Walmart outperformed this with $161.5 billion.

This surpassing of expectations highlights Walmart’s ability to navigate the market effectively and deliver strong financial results. The company’s focus on enhancing its eCommerce capabilities and expanding its advertising business has clearly paid off, contributing to its better-than-expected performance. Furthermore, the decrease in global inventory by 2.7%, including a 4.2% reduction for Walmart U.S., indicates efficient inventory management and healthy in-stock levels.

Positive Outlook for FY25

Looking forward, Walmart has issued guidance for the second quarter and updated its outlook for the fiscal year 2025. Although specific figures for the upcoming quarter’s guidance were not detailed in the documents, the company’s positive performance in the first quarter sets a promising tone for the rest of the fiscal year. Walmart’s strategic initiatives, including bolstering its eCommerce infrastructure and expanding its advertising reach, are expected to continue driving growth.

The company’s emphasis on leveraging technology to enhance customer experience and operational efficiency is a key component of its forward-looking strategy.

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