Securitize, Coinstreet Partners, STO Global-X Partner to Bring Security Tokens to Asia

Securitize, Coinstreet Partners, STO Global-X Partner to Bring Security Tokens to Asia

As of January 30th 2019, Securitize, Coinstreet Partners, and STO Global-X have partnered to transform the securities market in Asia. The three aim to offer the compliant issuance, management, and secondary market trading of tokenized securities to various entities throughout the ‘untapped’ Asian market.

How Security Tokens are Developing Worldwide

Security tokens— also referred to as digital securities— are not just progressing within the United States, they’re becoming implemented worldwide.

Various member states of the European Union have featured notable security token activity, including Malta, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, and Germany.

Thailand and Singapore have also prepared for blockchain’s most anticipated wave of 2019.

Now, Coinstreet Partners, Securitize, and STO Global-X have partnered in an effort to collectively conquer the Asian market.

Securitize, Coinstreet Partners, and STO Global-X Bringing Security Tokens to Asia Explained

Samson Lee, CEO and founder of Coinstreet Partners, described how the collaboration aims to result in a one-stop solution for companies wanting to tokenize assets:

“With Coinstreet’s vast experience and record of successful cases in token consultancy, coupled with our global securities broker-dealer networks, we are very excited about this strategic partnership with Securitize. This will enable us to offer a one-stop security token offering (STO) solution to enterprises, allowing them to leverage a new alternate path in the capital market.”

STO Global-X CEO Floyd DCosta highlighted the seamless fit between his enterprise and digital security platform Securitize:

“…Securitize enables institutions to tokenize securities while STO Global-X facilitates the virtual ownership and trading of conventional assets using digital tokens. Together we are able to bring digital securities to the forefront and drive the mainstream adoption of this financial innovation.”

Securitize is a platform which helps companies issue and manage compliant securities whose ownership is tracked via Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). Services include the processing of eligible investors from login to capital received, as well as compliance for the lifetime of the asset.

Securitize is behind the Digital Security (DS) Protocol, which was part of the first compliant, peer-to-peer security token transfer on a public blockchain.

Securitize CEO Carlos Domingo provided the following insight on the partnership:

“Strategically, we look to work with companies that not only have the right financial infrastructure to deploy Securitize’s DS Protocol and platform, but also have an in-depth understanding of institutional clients. Our partnership with Coinstreet Partners and STO Global-X fits this bill and will help to bring a comprehensive digital securities (or security token) solution to Asia.”

STO Global-X is a Singapore-based platform designed to handle the issuance, management, and secondary market trading of security tokens at an institutional-grade capacity.

Some in Europe and the United States perceive 2019 to be the year of security token implementation.

Securitize, STO Global-X, and Coinstreet Partners are now looking to bring that mentality to Asia.

What do you think of the partnership’s efforts to break into the Asian securities market? Is the Asian market often overlooked and untapped? How will it rival the US and European security token markets? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Image courtesy of Crypto Ninjas.