Tesla’s Competitor Announces Electric Car That Mines Bitcoin, Dogecoin
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Tesla’s Competitor Announces Electric Car That Mines Bitcoin, Dogecoin

Electric vehicle manufacturer, Daymak Avvenire, unveils new car that can act as a full blockchain node and wallet.
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Electric vehicles continue to become more and more prevalent in everyday life, as Elon Musk leads Tesla to pioneering the groundbreaking industry. Both through Tesla and on personal fronts, Elon is making waves in the greater cryptocurrency world—for better or for worse. Now, Daymak Avvenire has one-upped Tesla’s Bitcoin involvement, announcing that their new vehicle will be able to mine various cryptocurrencies while parked.

Eco-Friendly Bitcoin Mining with Your Car

With the typical combustion-engine passenger vehicle emitting 4.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year, electric cars are quickly attracting much more attention. Daymak Avvenire is a Canadian based company, focused on building revolutionary Light Electric Vehicles (LEVs). The corporation is intent on building vehicles that will meet the needs of the future in ways never seen before.

Catering to the future, Daymak is keen on allowing customers to purchase vehicles with digital assets, just as Tesla was for a brief period. Furthermore, Daymak is doing more to support cryptocurrencies than just defying Elon’s recent controversial claims that Bitcoin is detrimental for the environment:

Daymak recently announced Spiritus, a three wheel, two seater electric car that will launch in 2023. The Spiritus will be a direct competitor of the Tesla 3, containing many of the same features. Despite the similarities, the Spiritus will have one key element that could change the automotive industry forever.

Red, stylish electric sports car that mines Bitcoin while parked
Source: daymakavvenire.com

While the Spiritus has a sleek and smooth appeal on the outside, the tech on the inside is what sets the car apart. Daymak Nebula is a fully functional, internal blockchain mining system, allowing the car to mine cryptocurrencies whenever it is parked. By utilizing the energy collected from solar panels on the roof, Nebula will have the ability to mine BTC, ETH, DOGE, and many other digital assets.

This innovation ironically flips Elon’s claims about the environmental impact of crypto mining, especially as it is through a machine that he is extremely familiar with: electric vehicles. With Bitcoin seemingly on the wayside for Tesla (excluding the company’s balance sheet of course), are they missing out on the next big revolution in the EV industry?

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The Integration of Transportation and Payments

Daymak has its sights set on the integration of transportation and payments. While the two industries can seem completely unrelated, Daymak aims to combine the two through offering Nebula Miner and Nebula Wallet. Both of these features will be included with all orders of the Spiritus for no extra cost.

Interior view of an electric vehicle made by Daymak which mines Bitcoin.
Source: daymakavvenire.com

Nebula Miner, the car’s mining software, will send profits to the Nebula Wallet. The user will interact with this crypto wallet either through the car’s UI display or a smartphone app. Daymak has grand intentions for how this integration can simplify the connections between transportation and payment systems. Daymak illustrates how Nebula can be implemented:

“Imagine a world where you pay on the fly. Drive throughs, charging stations, highway tolls, curbside, online shopping.”

Elon is yet to make any comment on Daymak’s recent announcement, but this seems to be right up his alley, as he founded both PayPal (payments) and Tesla (transportation)—and also recently announced Tesla will no longer accept Bitcoin as a means of payment due to environmental concerns from mining the asset. Whether or not the Spiritus becomes a reality, the idea has added an entirely new perspective to green crypto mining in EVs.

The Spiritus will not be released until 2023, but Daymak is taking pre-orders as of today, June 1. Will you be getting in line to get your crypto mining car? And, how will Tesla respond to this revolution in the EV industry?