2020 Crypto World Summit to Feature “The Future of Security Tokens”
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2020 Crypto World Summit to Feature “The Future of Security Tokens”

The 4th annual Crypto World Summit has announced its agenda for the upcoming conference in February. A number of experts will gather to discuss the latest trends across the digital asset industry, with security token offerings as a major concentration.

The 2020 Crypto World Summit Agenda Explained

This year’s Crypto World Summit will take place on February 20th, 2020, in New York City. Digital asset industry thought leaders will gather at the Sheraton New York Times Square Hotel to cover a number of movements related to security token offerings (STOs).

The security token industry as a whole has seen notable progress to date, but continues to feature a number of key questions. The Crypto World Summit will aim to address these primary issues, especially those concerning compliance and existing SEC laws, rules, and regulations.

Discussion topics will include The Revolution of Tokenization, Securitization of Illiquid Assets, STOs, Blockchain and Real Estate, The Digital Banking Industry, and more. The conference will be streamed live through Fintech World Media.

The conference is planning to feature more than discussions. A special workshop is in development, where the audience will receive step-by-step instructions when it comes to security token creation and even launching an STO.

Security Token Highlights Throughout 2019

The nascent security token industry has seen credible progress, but still faces a number of hurdles. The first compliant transfer of a security on a public blockchain took place in 2018, demonstrating the youth of the industry.

Yet less than a year later in 2019, a study from Blockstate explained how nearly $1 billion had been raised from successful STOs. In fact, the year of 2019 saw a number of significant developments throughout the space.

Security tokens have begun to see implementation in a number of jurisdictions. In the United States, the SEC approved two Reg A+ token offerings. In Germany, several regulatory compliant STOs have raised millions of Euros. The United Kingdom’s securities watchdog, the FCA, has created a sandbox for some companies to test security tokens in a compliant but regulatory controlled environment.

Even China — a government that has maintained a harsh stance against the use of cryptocurrencies — is embracing STOs. Weimin Guo, a chief scientist at the Bank of China, recently revealed plans regarding the Chinese government and security tokens. Once China’s national digital currency — DCEP — is launched, China will allow for STOs throughout its jurisdiction. Guo said a “strict regulatory sandbox mechanism” would be in place, at least for the start.

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