Smartlands Announces Tokenization of Disruptive Technologies Fund

Smartlands Announces Tokenization of Disruptive Technologies Fund

Security token platform Smartlands has announced the tokenization of an investment fund. The ‘Disruptive Technologies Fund’ will target mid-stage FinTech firms and aims to raise a total of €8 million.

Smartlands’ Disruptive Technologies Fund Explained

Smartlands is a London-based security token issuance platform.

In late-August 2019, Smartlands announced the successful close of a Security Token Offering (STO) featuring a student housing complex in Nottingham, UK.

Now, the platform has announced its latest plans— the tokenization of an investment fund with a focus on mid-stage FinTechs.

Smartlands says the fund, referred to as the “Disruptive Technologies Fund”, aims to acquire minority stakes in firms, a maximum of 20%, which indicate growth potential. The fund is looking to raise €8 million, and predictions for a return are 25%-30%.

The platform says they’ll specifically focus on mid-stage FinTechs in the blockchain, payment processing, and crowdfunding domains.

Smartlands cites massive potential in the FinTech sector:

“… global Fintech funding rose to $111.8 billion in 2018, up 120 percent from $50.8 billion in 2017, according to KPMG International. This tendency led to rapid expansion in new working styles as collaborative hubs and co-working spaces appear all over the world, new investment strategies using brand new instruments are conceived daily, crowdfunding is winning over more and more investors and asset owners. And above it all, we observe the towering might of Asset Tokenisation as the pathway for fractional ownership of properties in multiple asset classes for all citizens of the world.”

According to the website, the Disruptive Technologies Fund will also participate in additional areas of emerging technology, to include Agtech, Robotics, IoT, AI, and more.

30% of the fund will focus on the Asia Pacific region, while 50% will target firms in the United States. 10% will focus on Europe, with another 10% spread out in undisclosed regions.

In addition to investment funds, regulated real-world assets to include equity, real estate, and fine art have successfully experienced the benefits of tokenization through security tokens.

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Image courtesy of Smartlands.