Sempra Energy (SRE) Reports $1.16 EPS in Q4, Falls Short of Revenue Expectations
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Sempra Energy (SRE) Reports $1.16 EPS in Q4, Falls Short of Revenue Expectations

Sempra Energy posted an EPS of $1.16 in Q4 with a revenue of $3.49 billion during the period.
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Sempra Energy (NYSE: SRE), a leading North American energy infrastructure company, recently released its financial and business results for the fourth quarter of 2023.

Sempra Energy showcased a strong performance in the final quarter of 2023, demonstrating its resilience and strategic prowess in a complex energy market. The company reported a robust set of numbers, including a significant achievement in revenue generation and earnings per share (EPS).

SRE Outperforms EPS Expectations, Revenue Falls Short

Sempra Energy’s financial achievements in the quarter notably surpassed the market expectations, which had forecasted an EPS of $1.13 and revenue of $3.87 billion. The company’s reported earnings exceeded the EPS projections with $1.16, but the revenue reported during the period fell short at $3.49 billion, underscoring Sempra’s ability to navigate the challenging energy landscape effectively.


Looking ahead, Sempra Energy provided optimistic guidance for the upcoming fiscal year, signaling confidence in its future growth trajectory. The company’s guidance reflects a strategic focus on expanding its renewable energy portfolio, advancing infrastructure projects, and pursuing operational efficiencies. Sempra’s forward-looking statements suggest a continued commitment to investing in sustainable energy solutions, enhancing system reliability, and driving innovation. This guidance offers insights into the company’s strategic priorities and dedication to addressing its customers’ evolving needs and the broader energy market.

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