Securitize Launches New Program to Help Clients Focus on Business Instead of Digital Securities Management

Securitize Launches New Program to Help Clients Focus on Business Instead of Digital Securities Management

As of April 9th 2019, Securitize announced the launch of the “Securitize Ready Program”. By focusing on digital securities management, the program allows those using the Securitize platform to focus on business, as opposed to tokenization.

The Securitize Ready Program Explained

In November 2018, Securitize raised $12.75 million in a Series A funding round, receiving notable backing from Coinbase Ventures, Ripple’s Xpring and OKEx’s OK Blockchain Capital.

Now, Securitize has announced the launch of the “Securitize Ready Program”. Through incorporating the services of Securitze’s existing partners, the program will assist with the issuance and management of digital securities.

Those partners currently include Coinbase Custody, OpenFinance Network (OFC), Rialto Trading, private investment group CBlock Capital. Additional members are expected to join in the future, according to Securitize.

More specifically, the program will enable clients of the aforementioned partners— which include lawyers, broker-dealers, and advisory firms— with the initial issuance and life-cycle management of digital securities.

According to the program’s head Steven Lucido,

“Securitize Ready frees partners to focus on their core business while providing their clients access to the industry’s most widely adopted issuance and lifecycle management technology. It represents a win-win for both partners and the issuers they work with.”

The Ongoing Success of Securitize’s DS Protocol

Securitize aims to algorithmically enforce regulatory compliance through their Digital Securities (DS) Protocol.

Digital securities— which are synonymous to security tokens— need to be compliant through initial issuance as well as secondary market trading.

Securitize’s DS Protocol facilitates such compliance through numerous automated features, such as share buy-backs, dividends and voting.

The company has already managed compliant digital securities sales for 22x, SPiCE VC, Augmate, and Blockchain Capital’s BCAP.

In November 2018, Securitize took part in the first-ever compliant, peer-to-peer security token transfer on a public blockchain.

Since then, they’ve worked with AspenCoin, SEFtoken, Vemanti Group, and recently joined the Hyperledger blockchain project.

For more on the overall functionality and benefits of digital securities, be sure to review our comprehensive security token guide.

What do you think of the “Securitize Ready Program”? How will the program impact the future growth of Securitize? We’d like to know what you think in the comments section below.

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