Rarible Aggregator Adds Support for Tezos NFTs
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Rarible Aggregator Adds Support for Tezos NFTs

Rarible’s marketplace aggregator will now offer access to NFTs from the Tezos blockchain.
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This Thursday, Rarible announced it has expanded to include Tezos NFT collections. Orders from Versum, objkt, FXHash, Teia, and Rarible will now be featured on the marketplace. Less than a month ago, the non-fungible token marketplace also added support for Polygon collections.

Rarible Expands NFT Aggregator to Include Tezos

According to a Thursday blog post, collectors on Rarible will now be able to access Tezos-based non-fungible tokens. The most recent expansion of Rarible’s aggregator includes collections from Versum, objkt, FXHash, Teia, and Rarible itself. The announcement also states that the decision was driven by the fact that while Tezos has proven to be one of the best blockchains for independent artists, it has so far been rather difficult to get a clear overview of its NFT offering.

Tezos has long been one of the best blockchains for independent artists, thanks to the low gas fees and a vibrant community of diverse art styles. However, it’s been hard to get a clear overview over the Tezos NFT market with so many marketplaces and minting platforms. As a result, collecting on the art chain could also get quite tricky. That’s why Rarible now aggregates liquidity across the most popular Tezos marketplaces, similarly to what we do on Ethereum and Polygon.

Apart from launching its aggregator last October, Rarible has also actively been working to expand its offering throughout 2022. For example, just days before its aggregator was announced, Rarible was revealed to be one of the marketplaces integrated with the NFT-focused Twitter tiles. The Tezos found itself in the news most recently when it was revealed as the blockchain of choice for California’s plan to tokenize car titles and transfers.

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NFT Aggregators’ Rising Popularity

Considering that NFTs can be minted on a variety of blockchains and traded on around 200 marketplaces, it perhaps isn’t odd that tools helping collectors get a better overview of the various collections are becoming increasingly popular. By the end of 2022, NFT aggregators reportedly reached a trading volume of $1.9 billion.

Already in April 2022, OpenSea, the world’s largest non-fungible token marketplace, acquired an aggregator called Gem.xys. Furthermore, Uniswap launched its own aggregator last November after acquiring $165 million in a Series B funding round—with a part of the money being immediately earmarked for the development of the tool.

Considering digital art firms haven’t been idle throughout the downturn of the “crypto winter”, these NFT tools are also likely to see further expansion throughout 2023. The addition of Tezos wasn’t Rarible’s first major move this year. In mid-January, the company expanded its aggregator to include Polygon non-fungible tokens.

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