Twitter to Allow NFT Trading Directly Through Tweets
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Twitter to Allow NFT Trading Directly Through Tweets

Twitter is providing new features for NFT trading on its platform with a selection of marketplaces.
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Twitter Dev account just announced it is testing a new NFT-related feature on the platform. The addition will improve the user experience of buying non-fungible tokens on certain marketplaces via Tweets.

Twitter to Allow Users to Trade NFTs via Tweets

Twitter Dev, the account of the company’s development team on the platform, announced on Thursday they were adding more NFT functionality. Links to certain NFT marketplaces will now display a larger picture of the token, and provide the title and the creator. 

Supported marketplaces are based on a variety of blockchain networks—Ethereum, Solana, Flow, Polygon, Tezos, and Immutable. According to the announcement, the new features are available for NFTs coming from, Dapper, Rarible, and Magic Eden. Rarible provided an example of the new tile system in a tweet accompanying the announcement.

Magic Eden specifically thanked Elon Musk specifically “for making this happen.” The tech billionaire finally closed his Twitter deal today, after announcing he would go forward with the $44 billion acquisition in early October.

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NFTs and Social Media Platforms in 2022

Twitter has seen a fair share of NFT functionality on its platform coming in 2022. In January Twitter launched a new feature for its premium users. People using Twitter Blue got the ability to showcase their non-fungible tokens in the form of profile pictures.

Support for NFTs also came to the platform from third parties. While most NFT bots on the platform are annoying at best, a company called CoinShares created one that might actually be useful. This particular bot called NFTAI aims to provide assessments of the fair market value of any token posted to OpenSea.

Twitter isn’t the only social media giant to actively pursue more NFT functionality throughout the year. Meta has slowly been adding various features both to Instagram and Facebook. The newest update to the project started in May was rolled out in late September. This update gave the ability to users to share their NFTs cross-platform between Facebook and Instagram.

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