Nike’s .Swoosh To Get Its First “Our Force 1” Airdrop on April 18th
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Nike’s .Swoosh To Get Its First “Our Force 1” Airdrop on April 18th

Nike’s Tuesday airdrop will offer early access to all recipients for the “First Access sale” of the upcoming “Our Force 1” NFT collection.
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Just three weeks before the release of Nike’s “Our Force 1” NFT collection, the famous footwear company will conduct its .SWOOSH airdrop on Tuesday, April 18th. The Aridrop will contain a series of posters commemorating community participation in Nike’s “Our Force 1” challenge and is inspired by the posters used in the original advertising campaign for their Air Force 1 sneakers.

Nike Announces .Swoosh Poster Airdrop Weeks Before “Our Force 1” NFTs Release

In a blog post titled “Airdrop 101”, Nike provided details for its upcoming .Swoosh airdrop scheduled for Tuesday, April 18th. The airdrop will feature a series of posters commemorating the upcoming ‘Our Force 1” NFT collection inspired by the shoemaker’s famous ‘Air Force 1” sneakers and is itself inspired by the marketing campaign for the sneakers.

According to the blog post, Nike will airdrop just over 100,000 posters meaning will that roughly one in three fans will receive one. The posters themselves will guarantee access to Our Force 1’s First Access sale scheduled to last between 9 in the morning, Pacific Time, on May 8th, and a minute to midnight, Pacific Time, on May 9th.

Nike’s .Swoosh platform was initially launched in mid-November 2022 and was envisaged as a home for the shoemaker’s web3 creators. It itself followed Nike’s fairly successful forays into the NFT market which saw it make more than $180 million—and more than $90 million in royalties—in revenue by the end of August last year.

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Legacy Companies Increasingly Interested In Web3 As NFTs See a Resurgence

While the “crypto winter” of 2022 slowed the NFT market significantly, numerous legacy companies have invested significantly into the sector with varying degrees of success. For example, while Nike’s non-fungible token gambit proved rather successful, several other companies saw more lackluster launches. The launch of Porsche’s 911 collection in January was plagued by criticism primarily concerning high gas fees.

This year also brought some exciting rumors and interesting trademarks. Towards the end of January, reports of an Amazon NFT-focused initiative—and initiative allegedly set to be officially unveiled this month—first emerged. Around the same time, a decidedly non-web3 company, Walmart, also filed for several web3-focused trademarks for its Sam’s Club

The year also saw a resurgence in the popularity of non-fungible tokens, largely driven by the emergence of Bitcoin ordinals, and the proliferation of aggregator platforms that offer easy access to numerous separate NFT marketplaces across numerous blockchains. Some companies have, however, also decided to pull back on their support for digital collectibles with Meta being a notable example. 

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