Neufund Partners with Ledger to Establish a New Means of Security Token Management

Neufund Partners with Ledger to Establish a New Means of Security Token Management

As of December 6th 2018, Neufund and Ledger have partnered to provide a secure framework for the management of security tokens. The partnership entails the integration of Neufund issued digital assets with a developing Ledger application. The two have worked together since late-2017, displaying a strong history of collaboration.

Details of the Partnership between Neufund and Ledger

Neufund is a German-based end-to-end security token platform. Recently, Neufund announced Europe’s first primary issuance of tokenized equity to the general public. Now, they’ve announced a partnership with Ledger, to provide Neufund’s users with an application to securely manage their security tokens.

Ledger has a global reputation for providing trusted storage solutions for digital assets. They’ve recently launched a desktop application for the user-friendly management of digital assets, called Ledger Live. They will soon add an ERC-20 integration into the app, which would allow users to manage security tokens issued through Neufund’s platform.

Zoe Adamovicz, Neufund’s CEO, provided the following comments on the news:

“Currently, Ledger’s hardware wallets are the safest way to set up and manage investments conducted through Neufund’s set of protocols. With operations in the 7-9 digit (€) range, security becomes a the top priority. Enabling investors to manage their ERC-20 based equity tokens directly from a desktop app will disrupt the way we interact with our crypto assets.”

The History of Neufund and Ledger’s Integration Explained

Ledger’s technology has already accounted for Neufund’s platform. In November 2017, the two partnered to create a special edition of the Ledger Nano S for high profile investors who participated in Neufund’s Initial Community Building Mechanism. The devices actually went on to become notarized in Germany.

The recent announcement comes in the midst of an industry-wide transition to security tokens. In differing from the regulatory ambiguous Initial Coin Offering (ICO), the Security Token Offering (STO) is known to have clear regulatory guidelines in certain jurisdictions. The SEC, for example, has suggested that security tokens are compliant so long as they abide by existing securities laws.

With a drastic increase in regulatory enforcement— to include both federal and state authorities— some enterprises have cancelled ICOs and transitioned to the STO due to regulatory concern.

Neufund and Ledger both plan to pioneer such a transition. As stated by Eric Larchevêque, Ledger’s CEO,

“We are excited about today’s announcement. It marks a new, important chapter in bringing security tokens to the Ledger platforms. We are thrilled to be joined at this frontier by Neufund, a leader in securities tokenization and issuance.”

What do you think of the recent partnership between Ledger and Neufund? Will Neufund become a major platform in the evolution towards security tokens? Let us know what you think in the comments below. 

Image courtesy of Ledger.