Walmart (WMT) Surpasses Expectations with Strong Quarterly Growth and Strategic Acquisitions
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Walmart (WMT) Surpasses Expectations with Strong Quarterly Growth and Strategic Acquisitions

Walmart Inc. closes Q4 with $173.4 billion in revenue and a $1.80 EPS, outdoing projections.
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In the most recent quarter, Walmart (NYSE: WMT) reported solid revenue growth of 5.7%, bringing consolidated revenue to $173.4 billion. More notably, Walmart’s operating income saw an impressive leap of 30.4%, with adjusted operating income growing by 13.2%. Such figures indicate the retailer’s ability to increase sales and profitably.

The growth in global e-commerce sales by 23%, surpassing $100 billion for the year, underscores Walmart’s successful pivot towards digital retailing, capturing consumer trends towards online shopping.

Walmart Smashes Revenue and EPS Expectations in Q4

When juxtaposed with market expectations, which forecasted earnings per share (EPS) of $1.64 and revenue of $170.81 billion for the quarter, Walmart’s reported adjusted EPS of $1.80 and revenue of $173.4 billion manifest a clear outperformance. This surpassing of expectations is a significant indicator of Walmart’s operational excellence and ability to navigate the retail sector’s complexities more effectively than anticipated.


Looking forward, Walmart’s guidance for the upcoming quarters and fiscal year 2025 is a beacon for investors and market watchers. The company has set an optimistic yet calculated outlook, reflecting its confidence in sustained growth and profitability. The increase in the annual dividend by 9% to $0.83 per share, marking the 51st consecutive year of dividend growth, is a robust signal of Walmart’s financial health and its commitment to returning value to shareholders. This forward-looking perspective, coupled with strategic moves like the acquisition of VIZIO HOLDING CORP. to bolster its advertising business, illustrates Walmart’s proactive approach to capitalizing on growth opportunities.

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