Tornado Cash Developer to be Released from Jail, Await Trial from Home
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Tornado Cash Developer to be Released from Jail, Await Trial from Home

Pertsev will be allowed to come back home next Wednesday.
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A Dutch court is set to release Tornado Cash developer Alex Pertsev, who got arrested in August 2022 as part of an investigation against the popular crypto mixer, Cointelegraph reported. After spending nine months in prison in the Netherlands, the court has allowed Pertsev to await trial at home, under surveillance.

Alex Pertsev Granted a Suspended Release by the Court

Alex Pertsev, a Russian Tornado Cash developer arrested last year, is set to be released from jail after nine months, a court in the Netherlands ruled on Thursday. Pertsev will be allowed to await trial at home under house arrest.

According to Cointelegraph, Pertsev is expected to return home by April 26, giving the authorities enough time to install the electronic monitoring devices. Pertsev will also have to wear an ankle monitor during his suspended release, his wife said.

“I believe that now we will be able to fully prepare the defense and prove that Alex did not do anything that he is accused of, and I am very sorry for the wasted time that he spent in prison. It had a powerful effect on him and on me, it cardinally changed our lives. But the main thing is that he will be free soon.”

Pertsev’s wife told Cointelegraph.

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Why was Pertsev Arrested?

The court ruling comes several months after Pertsev was arrested in the Netherlands on suspicion of participating in money laundering activities using the popular crypto mixer Tornado Cash. In November 2022, the developer asked the Dutch court to be released under surveillance, but his plea was rejected based on the prosecutors’ argument that Pertsev presented a flight risk.

Moreover, the prosecution previously only made generic accusations against Pertsev and advocated against his release, arguing the developer could hide evidence. However, earlier his week, the Dutch public prosecutor charged Pertsev for regularly laundering more than 500,000 ETH. The prosecutor also said Pertsev should have suspected the funds had a criminal origin. The developer denied the accusations.

Just before his arrest in August 2022, the US Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) sanctioned Tornado Cash, claiming the crypto-mixing service had been used to help North Korea raise funds. Last month, an early Tornado Cash contributor said he plans to roll out a forked version of the crypto mixer and make it compliant with the OFAC sanctions.

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