The Crypto Broker-Dealers Who Will Push STOs to New Heights in 2019

The Crypto Broker-Dealers Who Will Push STOs to New Heights in 2019

Weekly blockchain blog, Distributed, recently compiled a list of the most important broker-dealers who will push the security token space to new heights in 2019 and beyond. Co-authored by industry leaders Henry Elder and Tatiana Koffman, the duo composed a comprehensive list of the most important broker-dealers from various players in the space.  Here’s a sneak peek of what they came up with.

As we move out of the era of ICOs and into STOs, experienced broker-dealers will be crucial for successful and compliant fundraising for the tokenized security space. Weekly blockchain technology report Distributed recently received feedback from 50-plus industry players to compile a list of the most important broker-dealers currently leading the STO market.


Entoro is broker-dealer working across industries, but its core experiences lies in “the energy sector, in the Texan homeland of oil and gas.” They were recently responsible for leading the and Soluna Power STOs, and will undoubtedly have a major impact on the tokenized security space in 2019.

Fintech Global Markets

A merger between Boustead Securities and, Fintech Global Markets is playing a crucial role in bringing tokenized Reg A+ offerings to the market. They are also an asset management firm as well as a licensed broker-dealer with managing assets in various promising blockchain projects.

Atomic Capital

Based in New York City, Atomic Capital is a broker-dealer focused on “software, physical infrastructure and life sciences sectors.” They are one of the few broker-dealers who is also an issuer since they raised their own capital on their own issuance platform. In October, they managed to raise $3.4 million and met the target for their digital equity sale in just a month.


Based in Boston, Exemplar is a broker-dealer which has been involved in the token sales of KODAKOne, GoCoin, and Current Media. The broker-dealer also provides “legal, tax, and business strategy services” through its sister companies.

ConsenSys Digital Securities

The newest division of the Ethereum startup accelerator ConsenSys, the project aims to be a global platform for tokenized security offerings. ConsenSys is perhaps best known for hosting one of the biggest blockchain conferences every year, bringing developers together for the annual meet-up.

TokenSoft Global Markets

TokenSoft is among the leading platforms for compliant security token offerings. However, recently they acquired majority stake in a registered broker-dealer firm and have thus renamed it “TokenSoft Global Markets, LLC.” TokenSoft is a well-established platform that recently even partnered with Coinbase Custody for crypto-custodial services for its clients. We can expect their newly-acquired broker-dealer to definitely make an impact on the tokenized security market.

For the rest of the list of the leading broker-dealers pushing the tokenized security space forward, be sure to read Distributed’s full article here.

What do you think of Distributed’s list of broker-dealers? Are there any missing? Let us know in the comments below your thoughts.

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