Stratis to Expand Its Token Sale Platform to Include STOs

Stratis to Expand Its Token Sale Platform to Include STOs

In a newly updated roadmap, Stratis has announced that the platform will expand to support security token offerings. It will be a part of the Stratis ICO platform.

Security token offerings are officially coming to Stratis. In a new announcement made recently, the Stratis ICO platform will now be expanding to security token offerings. Regulatory requirements still need to be put in place before this becomes a reality, however.

The inclusion of STOs will also bring other added features to the Stratis platform. For example, token issuance contracts will be able to be used for crowdfunding purposes. The Stratis team believes that there is still a market for ICOs but is also of the opinion that STOs may provide the industry with a new way forward.

However, in order to be successful, Stratis will have to compete with already-existing STO platforms like TokenSoft and Smartlands.

Stratis is one of the older cryptocurrencies in the space today. Released in 2016, it is intended to be a blockchain-as-a-service platform for corporations in the financial sector looking to create applications on specific, private blockchains.

Other Features to Be Added

Aside from expanding to STOs, Stratis will also be adding many new features as per their newly-released roadmap. For example, the team plans to introduce support for both Java and JavaScript. Sidechains are also in the works along with sidechain masternodes.

All of this comes on the heels of the eventual release of Stratis Core 2.0. These new features will then be put into place with a simple user interface. The platform will be accessible for companies to manage tokens, deploy new smart contracts, and easily create their own private blockchains.

Do you anticipate Stratis to be a popular platform for STOs? Let us know your thoughts below in the comments.

Image courtesy of Stratis.

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