Security Token Issuance Platform Smartlands Acquires Shojin Financial Services

Security Token Issuance Platform Smartlands Acquires Shojin Financial Services

Smartlands, the security token platform powered by the Stellar blockchain, has just announced a new acquisition. Shojin Financial Services Limited (SFS) will officially fall under the Smartlands umbrella which will open the doors to new investors.

Smartlands is bringing security tokens to the Stellar blockchain and it has just acquired a financial service firm to further their cause. Smartlands has recently been focusing on real estate, partnering with firms like Colliers International to tokenize the real estate industry. The platform is a place for security token issuers to streamline and unveil their public and private sales to accredited investors.

The platform has now acquired Shojin Financial Services (SFS) which will allow the platform to host their first STO backed by UK real estate.

What You Need to Know

SFS is a London-based financial services company which received an investment license from the British Financial Conduct Authority in 2017. This license gave the firm the green light to raise capital globally through a crowdfunding model. Part of the reason Smartlands acquired SFS is over this license, but that’s not the only reason as their CEO Arnoldas Nauseda explains.

“The fact that SFS possesses the type of license necessary for the Smartlands business model to flourish is not the only reason for the acquisition. We are proud to share SFS’s values and vision for the development of financial markets around the world. The firm also has a substantial pool of classic investors that the SFS team has been developing since 2017.”

According to Viktor Krekotin, a Smartlands Strategy Advisor, this acquisition is the “last brick in the construction of the Smartlands platform.”

Smartlands’s first STO campaign will be broken up into two stages. First, starting on March 19th, the platform will invite accredited private and institutional investors to sign contracts to participate in the offering. Secondly, there will be a public sale in the not-so-distant future.

Smartlands, it seems, is quickly positioning itself as one of the top security token platforms in an increasingly crowded space of innovators.

What do you think of the acquisition? Will Smartlands play a pivotal role in the security token economy in the future? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.