Smartlands Unveils Five Assets to be Considered for Tokenization on Their Security Token Platform

Smartlands Unveils Five Assets to be Considered for Tokenization on Their Security Token Platform

Smartlands has just released five of the frontrunners up for consideration to be added to their security token platform. SLT token holders will choose which of these five assets will be having their security token offering on the Smartlands Platform.

Smartlands has announced the five assets up for consideration for tokenization on their platform. Formed in 2017 as a platform for compliant security token offerings, Smartlands has been leading the charge for tokenized securities on the Stellar Lumens (XLM) network. Now, with a new announcement, the platform will be putting up the following five assets to a vote:

  1. Residential Luxury Property in Manhattan, NY
  2. Logistics Center in Warsaw Poland
  3. Commercial Office Building in Vilnius, Lithuania
  4. Diversified Coal Mining Company in Kentucky, US
  5. Industrial Unit in London, United Kingdom

If you’re interested, be sure to check out all the extended information on these five properties in the official Smartlands announcement.

As you can see, Smartlands has decided to focus mainly on real estate for its first few security token offerings on the platform. They explain their rationale in their announcement, writing:

“Real estate has always been one of the best-performing assets whose competitive dynamic makes it an ideal target for tokenization. The equity locked in a property due to debt or any other obligations can be quickly and easily released through the issuance of tokens…”

The security token platform also revealed that they would be exploring the possibility of adding Binance Coin (BNB) to their platform as eligible to vote.

The announcement comes at a time when Smartlands has had demonstrable success setting a foundation for itself as a leading security token platform. Recently, the platform partnered with Colliers International, a global real estate service and investment management company. The Smartlands team has also been active in their vocal support of the Stellar Lumens network, calling it “a prime fit for security tokens.”

What do you think of these 5 assets up for voting on the Smartlands platform? Is Stellar Lumens really the best fit for tokenized securities? Let us know in the comments below.

Image courtesy of Youtube.