Smartlands-issued Security Tokens Will be Tradable on the Upcoming Archax Security Token Exchange

Smartlands-issued Security Tokens Will be Tradable on the Upcoming Archax Security Token Exchange

As of June 12th 2019, Smartlands has partnered with Archax to allow for Smartlands-issued security tokens to be tradable on the forthcoming Archax institutional-grade security token exchange.

The Smartlands and Archax Partnership Explained

Smartlands is a security token issuance platform which utilizes the Stellar blockchain.

Archax is a developing London-based security token exchange aiming for institutional grade capacities.

Now, the two have partnered to allow for Smartlands’ property-backed security tokens to be listed on the Archax exchange and be available for trading.

As part of the partnership, the two will also advocate for and promote each other through introductions to prospective clients.

Arnoldas Nauseda, CEO of Smartlands, explained how the partnership is a step in the right direction for his platform:

“Today, Smartlands is making a huge leap towards the ultimate liquidity of asset-backed digital assets. We were the first in the UK to tokenise an asset using both crypto and fiat currencies on our FCA-registered fully compliant platform, and we want to welcome more institutional investors to Smartlands. Right now, institutions are hesitant to enter this massive market, citing a lack of transparency. Institutional-grade deals for trading assets on secondary markets require the highest level of regulatory compliance and very soon together with Archax, we will present to both investors and institutions the coveted opportunity to trade on a fully compliant Archax MTF.”

Archax CEO Graham Rodford also commented on the news:

“We are excited by the benefits that tokenisation and blockchain technology introduce to asset classes like real estate, private equity, and others. Providing transparency and creating secondary markets to unlock liquidity in the traditionally illiquid assets is exactly what Archax is all about. We are incredibly pleased to be partnering with Smartlands to bring this reality to the tokens issued on this highly innovative platform. We are looking forward to being at the forefront of this emerging ecosystem and working together as the security token world gathers pace.”

So far in 2019, Smartlands has made numerous developments in the security token space.

In April, its first tokenized securities offering was underway, featuring a newly built student housing complex located in Nottingham, UK.

In May, it deployed a fully-compliant wallet for the on-chain trading of security tokens on Stellar.

Archax has also made headlines, by receiving investments from the likes of Bletchley Park and SPiCE VC.

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Image courtesy of Smartlands.