Republic Partners with Althea to Launch Security Token Airdrop

Republic Partners with Althea to Launch Security Token Airdrop

Investment platform Republic and Athea will be holding the first-ever compliant security token airdrop for its users. Both U.S. investors and others can participate.

Companies have long sought to reward their most loyal users. Republic, and investment platform, is now trying to make that happen. Teaming up with Athena, which specializes in decentralized internet infrastructure, the two will be airdropping ALTG tokens to those who take the steps to set up an Althea network in their area.

The airdropped tokens can be earned by “watching a video and learning about Althea, submitting a proposal to create a new network, and building a network by signing up users.” Overall, it meant to encourage adoption of Althea’s internet infrastructure.

According to Debora Simpier, Co-Founder of Althea:

“It’s important that those who are starting and operating on-ground networks will have a stake in the Althea governance token. This partnership with Republic also enables us to distribute tokens to a broad audience of U.S. and foreign citizens, accredited and unaccredited investors alike, while maintaining compliance with the law.”

Anyone is able to participate in the ALTG airdrop as long as they are over 18 years old. Although the airdrop technically constitutes an ‘investment,’ no USD payment is required.

Last year, Republic announced it would be selling its own tokenized security. In March, it acquired private equity platform RenGen labs.

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Image courtesy of Republic.