Polymath Forms Partnership with Token Issuance Company, Leadbest

Polymath Forms Partnership with Token Issuance Company, Leadbest

Taiwanese company Leadbest is partnering with Polymath to expand their token ecosystem. Leadbest will bring its experience with the token issuance market to the tokenized security space with help of Polymath’s platform.

Polymath is one of the most prominent platforms today pushing the security token space forward. Announcing their own ST-20 security token standard in November, the platform is planning to further expand their accessibility in 2019. It’s their estimation that “$10 trillion” of value will be represented by tokenized securities within the next five years according to Polymath’s VP of marketing Graeme Moore. They plan to be a core component of that financial tsunami.

Now to start off the new year, Polymath has just announced a partnership with Taiwanese company Leadbest to further their token ecosystem. Leadbest will be Polymath’s main strategic partner in Asia.

“Building a Universal STO Platform”

Heslin Kim, VP of Business Development of Polymath, hailed the news as crucial to the next step in Polymath’s development: the focus on accessibility now that the primary building blocks have been set.

“Polymath is committed to building a universal STO platform that is accessible to everyone, and, as a result, we are the first to have successfully become a provider of complete technical services. This is a new market for us, so the collaboration with LeadBest can not only help us clarify market trends and policy direction, but also reduce the obstacles to market development.”

Leadbest is planning on taking a more formative role in the burgeoning STO space by bridging cooperation between token issuers, platforms, and investors. For example, this year Leadbest plans to provide assistance to management platforms within Asia to allow for real estate markets to tokenize their equity.

About Leadbest

Leadbest was founded in 2018 as a blockchain asset management firm that seeks to connect issuers, investors, and blockchain-related projects across borders. They are based in Asia and are made up of a team of two dozen or so individuals who are committed to providing management pre- and post-investment.

About Polymath

Polymath is a security token platform that raised some $58 million during their ICO in January of 2018. Establishing their own security token standard the ST20, Polymath is aiming to become the most accessible security token nexus for issuers, investors, and entrepreneurs by overcoming regulatory barriers and streamlining the entire process.