Ownera to Launch Digital Securities API with Amazon Partnership

Ownera to Launch Digital Securities API with Amazon Partnership

Ownera recently announced the launch of a Digital Securities API and partnership with Amazon. An in-depth discussion will reveal further details by CEO Ami Ben-David at the upcoming CIS Conference in LA, on October 15-16th.

Ownera’s Digital Securities API and Partnership with Amazon Explained

Ownera is a digital securities network which helps with the issuance of digital securities, also referred to as security tokens.

Recently, Ownera announced that it will soon release a Digital Securities API, which will leverage the Amazon Managed Blockchain service running HyperLedger Fabric.

Ownera is establishing a network where nodes will be limited to regulated financial establishments such as banks, asset managers, and exchanges. These nodes will both underwrite and distribute assets on Ownera’s network.

At the upcoming CIS Conference in LA, Ownera CEO and co-founder Ami Ben-David will provide a presentation along with a fireside chat to discuss the development of digital securities, Ownera, and how Amazon is playing a role.

Ownera aims to gain institutional-grade interest by providing KYC/AML, investor accreditation, and ongoing investor management of digital securities.

The company’s protocol includes a “Know your Asset” (KYA) feature where a blockchain will be utilized to immutably record ‘verified’ asset information as well as investor rights for every digital security.

Ben-David is a familiar face in the realm of digital assets. He’s a co-founder of SPiCE VC, which constituted the world’s first peer-to-peer transfer of a regulated digital security on a public blockchain. He also has a reputation of arguing for asset quality over mere tokenization, a perspective which will likely propel the digital securities industry forward in the long-term.

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Image courtesy of Ownera.