New Poll: 54% of European Crypto-Holders Don’t Have College Degrees, 1/5th Are Women

New Poll: 54% of European Crypto-Holders Don’t Have College Degrees, 1/5th Are Women

According to a new study by Bitpanda and GlobalWebIndex, the demographics of cryptocurrency holders in Europe are different than you might expect.

When you think of the average cryptocurrency investor, you likely think of an educated male in his 20s or 30s with a higher-level income. However, the truth is that the demographics of cryptocurrency holders are quickly changing, especially in Europe.

A new survey by Bitpanda and GlobalWebIndex sheds some light on what the ‘average’ cryptocurrency holder in Europe looks like.

  • According to the poll, around a fifth of all cryptocurrency holders are women. This exceeds the number found in any previous poll.
  • A majority of holders (54%) don’t have a degree from a university, but the remaining 46% would be considered “highly educated.”
  • Cryptocurrency holders tend to skew younger, but the survey still found that over 40% of cryptocurrency holders are over 35 years old.
  • Overall, Switzerland and Austria lead the entire continent. Around 7% of their internet users say they are holding cryptocurrencies. However, London has the highest concentration of crypto-holders per population density.

These results seem to indicate that cryptocurrency holders are far more diverse than we may realize. As the market further breaks into the mainstream with regulatory clarity, it’ll be interesting to note these demographic changes a few years from now.

Be sure to read the entire survey here.

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Image courtesy of Bitpanda.

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