HBUS Releases New Study on the Popularity of Cryptocurrencies Among Americans

HBUS Releases New Study on the Popularity of Cryptocurrencies Among Americans

HBUS has released a new survey which found that 20% of Americans in 2019 have invested in cryptocurrencies. 

HBUS has surveyed 1067 US citizens through SurveyMoney and found that interest in cryptocurrencies is significantly higher than 2018. The findings seem optimistic for the space moving forward, indicating the interest is only growing.

HBUS is the complimentary marketplace to the Huobi Group, launched in 2018.

The Findings

According to the survey, around one-fifth of the surveyed Americans had invested in cryptocurrencies. This number was only 8% a year ago.

However, the other results of the survey were just as interesting.

  • 75% of those polled were aware of cryptocurrencies.
  • Most people cited privacy and security as the two main benefits to cryptocurrencies.
  • Those with an income between $25,000 – $49,999 were most likely to invest.
  • 12% of Americans in the poll see cryptocurrencies as a good long-term investment.

Now, these numbers might not make much sense to you. Can 20% of Americans really be invested in cryptocurrencies? Because SurveyMonkey was used, we should be skeptical. The site skews towards the more technologically knowledgeable.

Nonetheless, the results are a serious uptick compared to 2018 even when the biases are taken into account.

HBUS CEO Frank Fu commented on the survey saying:

“Despite the volatile crypto markets, we’re seeing governments and businesses adopting blockchain technology at a rapid pace. We’re thrilled to discover that more Americans than ever are aware of cryptocurrencies and we are committed to providing education as a key to more mainstream adoption.”

Most respondents to the survey cited lack of legal clarity as one of the obstacles to the space today. Security tokens will likely clear up this confusion, once their legal standing is resolved. Those in the industry are working hard to gain the trust of the public. However, it may take a few years for that hard work to be realized fully.

Do you agree with the findings or are they exaggerated? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. 

Image courtesy of ICOnow.

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