GameStop Partners With Telos to Offer Web3 Games Through Playr Launcher
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GameStop Partners With Telos to Offer Web3 Games Through Playr Launcher

Telos and GameStop created a “strategic partnership” hoping to bring 100 million players to web3 gaming.
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On June 1st, the Telos Foundation and GameStop announced a partnership aimed at offering web3 games through the latter’s new Playr. According to the press release, the collaboration could help bring as many as 100 million players to web3 within the next two years.

GameStop to Offer Telos-Based Web3 Games Through New Launcher

This Thursday, the Telos Foundation made public a “strategic partnership” with the video game seller GameStop. The collaboration will enable the latter to offer Telos-blockchain web3 games through its new Playr launcher.

According to the press release, the partnership could help bring 100 million new players to web3 games and represents a key step in Telos’ “increased focus and attention on the rapidly-growing gaming industry”.

GameStop has been working to expand to web3 for well over a year in its efforts to ride the tide created by the “meme stock” craze to revitalize its business. The efforts seemingly brought fruit as the firm posted its first quarterly profit in two years in March of 2023.

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Gaming Industry Increasingly Looking at Web3 as its Future

GameStop has been one of the major legacy gaming firms to have decided to adopt blockchain technology and utilize it to move its business forward. Last year, the retailer even launched its own NFT marketplace which managed to clear more than $5 million in its very first week.

Other gaming companies have also been increasingly looking at blockchain technology as an avenue to move their business forward. Square Enix is perhaps the most venerable name within the industry which has repeatedly reaffirmed its commitment to a web3 future.

Recent months have also seen a major partnership between the eSports organization TSM and Avalanche. The collaboration is aimed at offering novel immersive experiences to fans, as well as at making “player-first Web3 gaming products mainstream.”

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