Asset Management Firm Partners with White-Label Exchange Creator to Build Security Token Platform

Asset Management Firm Partners with White-Label Exchange Creator to Build Security Token Platform

As of early November 2018, Laureate Digital Securities has partnered with AlphaPoint to establish a security token platform. The planned services include compliant Security Token Offerings, an investor portal, and secondary market trading— powered by the technology of AlphaPoint.

Laureate Digital Securities to Leverage the Technology of AlphaPoint

Laureate Digital Securities was established to support institutional-grade service providers given the recent emergence of security tokens. They facilitate the tokenization of investment funds, resulting in the capability of tradable tokens on regulated security token exchanges. They are also developing a platform to provide regulatory compliant Security Token Offerings (STOs), accompanied by compliant secondary market trading as well.

According to the new announcement, Laureate’s future platform will be powered by AlphaPoint. The blockchain-based enterprise assists in the launch, scale, and operation of digital asset exchanges throughout the world. AlphaPoint recently made headlines after it added former head of Cboe equity, Kapil Rathi, to its team.

Ultimately, Laureate wants to bring blockchain technology to the asset management industry. With AlphaPoint’s technology, they want to expand their future STO service to include asset management investment funds.

Nicole Biernat, President of Laureate Digital Securities, discussed the news in further detail:

“At Laureate Digital, we’re building an institutional-quality platform by forging strategic relationships with best-in-class companies like AlphaPoint, who share our vision that blockchain will completely disrupt the asset management industry. Adding AlphaPoint’s proven blockchain technology to our platform will help us provide the requisite services for the creation and administration of digital security offerings and the trading of them in the secondary market.”

How AlphaPoint’s White-Label Technology will Help Laureate Digital

AlphaPoint has helped companies launch and operate digital assets through its white-label exchange technology since 2013. They have an impressive resume with partners such as intel, Microsoft, Hyperledger, and notable clientele including Guardian, Scotiabank, and London Block Exchange.

Igor Telyatnikov, AlphaPoint co-founder and President, provided the following comments on the recent partnership:

“Laureate Digital has the team and now the technology to disrupt the asset management space. AlphaPoint looks forward to our ongoing relationship with Laureate Digital as we deliver a secure and scalable platform which will truly bring a new wave of opportunities to investors all over the world.”

Laureate Digital Securities hopes the new agreement will disrupt the asset management industry. The security token industry continues to expand— from institutional names such as JPMorgan entering the space, to the untapped potential of the $7.7 trillion alternative assets market.

Disruption is certainly imminent. As companies continue to develop and form partnerships, it will be interesting to observe the development of the industry’s young landscape over the next few months.

What do you think of the partnership between Laureate Digital Securities and AlphaPoint? Will it lead to a significant disruption of the asset management industry? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Image courtesy of Laureate Digital Securities and AlphaPoint.

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