AMC Closes 22%+ In the Green a Day Ahead of Q4 Earnings
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AMC Closes 22%+ In the Green a Day Ahead of Q4 Earnings

Possibly boosted by the success of Avatar: The Way of Water, AMC closed Monday up nearly 23%.
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The shares of AMC, one of the major “meme stocks” from the craze of early 2021, closed on Monday, February 27th, more than 22% in the green. The company is scheduled to release its earnings report on Tuesday and, while most analysts are expecting another quarter of losses, it is widely expected its sales will be over $1 billion thanks to the release of Avatar: The Way of Water.

AMC Continues its Two-Week Winning Streak

The shares of AMC Entertainment Holdings closed the trading day on Monday up nearly 23%. The company’s stock has been experiencing a near-continuous surge in price for almost a fortnight and saw a rise from $4.50 to $7.61. Generally, the company has been seeing a major upturn since the begging of the year and is up more than 90%.

Its preferred equity—APE—while in the green YTD, has been experiencing a decline over the previous two weeks and closed Monday 5% in the red. The contentious preferred equity is set to be converted into regular AMC stock soon according to a press release published in December, but the move has been somewhat controversial making the exact date unclear. 

While analysts are generally expecting AMC to report another quarter of losses. However, the release of James Cameron’s Avatar: The Way of Water—which became the world’s third highest-grossing film since its release in mid-December—is expected to have helped brought AMC’s total sales to over $1 billion.

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“Meme Stocks” Since the Craze

While the companies issuing the two major “meme stocks”, Gamestop and AMC, have been considered near closing in before the craze began, both have managed at least a partial recovery since.  In March 2022, for example, AMC even reported its strongest earnings in more than two years

According to the company’s CEO Adam Aron, a major force behind AMC’s decline and failure to fully recover has been the combined effects of the covid-19 lockdowns and a subsequent decline in the number of theatrical releases coming out of Holywood. Aron, who has largely embraced retail investors after the “meme stock” craze and garnered a significant following on Twitter, also believes that 2023 will be a far better year for his company.

GameStop, the main “meme stock”, also elected to use its surge in popularity to try and revitalize its business. Since early 2021, the company made an effort to expand its traditional brick-and-mortar operation by going digital and even entered the digital asset industry with its own NFT marketplace. While the company is in a far better state in 2023 than it was in late 2020, it didn’t a rally as major as AMC since the New Year being up 11% since the New Year.

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