Veritoken Announces Their STO with the Goal of Allowing Users to “Completely Control Their Data”

Veritoken Announces Their STO with the Goal of Allowing Users to “Completely Control Their Data”

Veritoken has just unveiled their new SEC-approved security token offering. The offering’s intention is to further the company’s mission to bring data control, privacy, and protection to people.

We’ve been reading all over the news recently about the issues with Facebook, Equifax, and others mishandling private information. The endless personal data exposed has violated user trust. Veritoken is hoping to change this asymmetrical relation and bring private data back to the hands of users themselves.

Led by Anna Ahola Ward as CEO, Veritoken is constructing a blockchain to enable verified user-owned data. Brokers can pay individuals for their contact and time. It’s a network where users choose which part of their information is public and which part will stay hidden.

STOs may in fact pave the way for improved privacy and protecting sensitive information.

Protecting User’s Personal Data

In order to further their mission, Veritoken will be holding their own STO. Already SEC approved, the ERC-884 token will provide funding for this ambitious project.

Also important to note is that the Veritoken STO is perhaps the first such offering to be led by a woman. Anne Ahola Ward is an entrepreneur, author, and futurist who has been called the “Mother of Startups” by CNN. She is commonly an IoT Influencer within IBM’s Futurist Program. Her sights are always on how our common future can be improved, and Veritoken is the next step in her vision.

According to Ward, there must be clear distinctions between what is private and public, and what the terms are. As she told us here at the The Tokenist,

“When it comes to personal data, it’s time to take our power back. The foxes have been watching the hen house for far too long. It could even be too charitable to say that anyone’s been watching. We can argue whether these big tech companies are wrong, or maybe the model is wrong, but it’s clear we need to be creating new paths for individual data ownership.”

She affirms that Veritoken will facilitate individual data ownership and enact a “promise of what blockchain was meant to become.”

The Veritoken STO is currently live with a minimum investment of $250,000.

Do you believe more blockchain projects should address data security? Let us know your thoughts below.