Tokenomica Releases Sandbox Version of Its Security Tokens Issuance Platform

Tokenomica Releases Sandbox Version of Its Security Tokens Issuance Platform

The Tokenomica platform has just launched a sandbox version of its Security Tokens Issuance Platform (STIP). It will be a virtual testing environment where users can issue their own security tokens. 

Tokenomica is a platform for building and issuing security tokens. Now, the platform is opening up for new users to try and test security tokens, just to see what the process is like. The company hopes that the sandbox pilot will further boost interest in this growing industry.

Oftentimes, we hear about regulators taking a ‘sandbox’ approach to passing new legal requirements for security tokens. However, Tokenomica is turning the tables by making their own platform a sandbox: they are encouraging those who are not well-versed in security token issuing to try out the process for themselves.

In the sandbox version, users can build, issue, and even launch their very own STO. The entire process will be done on the Waves Testnet blockchain. All STO campaigns will also qualify for a chance to win 500 Waves tokens.

According to Artem Tolkachev, the CEO of Tokenomica:

“Over the next few years, we believe that tokenized securities will foster in a new promising solution to dramatically change the current landscape of the investment market. With STIP, we want to speed up that change.”

The tokens created during the sandbox would not be issued beyond the testnet, but they’re a fun way to see how the industry works.

Do you believe other platforms should offer sandbox programs to encourage users from testing and try their own security tokens? Let us know your thoughts below.