The Sandbox Deploys on Polygon to Create Cheaper, Greener Ecosystem
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The Sandbox Deploys on Polygon to Create Cheaper, Greener Ecosystem

Metaverse gaming platform The Sandbox has completed the migration of its smart contract to Polygon Layer 2, which will make the ecosystem more green and cheaper.
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Blockchain gaming platform The Sandbox has successfully migrated its smart contract on Polygon Layer 2, according to the official announcement on Medium. This development marks a significant milestone for the platform as it will bridge its LAND and SAND native tokens and make the ecosystem cheaper and greener.

Cheaper Gas Fees and Increased Energy Efficiency

Ethereum-based metaverse platform The Sandbox announced on Friday that it has completed the migration of its smart contract on Polygon Layer 2 – a move that will bridge the LAND and SAND tokens and bring crucial changes to the ecosystem.

Most importantly, the migration will make the ecosystem greener, cheaper, and more energy efficient, among other things. The bridging will also bring new LAND staking features as well as a cashback mechanism.

“Now that we have initiated the deployment and bridge of our ecosystem on Polygon’s network you will be able to benefit from being greener and more efficient, getting faster speed, paying lower gas fees, the return of LAND multipliers on our staking programs, and much more!”

it said in an official announcement.

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What are the New Features?

Following the migration, a 15% LAND contribution multiplier will also become available on the platform’s SAND-MATIC and SAND staking programs. This means that those who own LAND will become eligible for new SAND staking awards based on the amount of LAND they hold on Polygon.

“This means if you stake 1,000 SAND, you’ll have a 1.15X multiplier, counting your SAND as 1,150 for share calculation.”

In addition to fresh staking awards, the migration to Polygon is also set to unlock a new cashback program through which the Sandbox will implement a 1M $SAND cashback mechanism to facilitate the migration process and reduce gas fees. The cashback program will award users with 10 mSAND for each successful migration of LAND to Polygon.

Sandbox plans to release additional features with the upcoming updates including a new token, LAND sales, the ‘ESTATE’ modification, and more. The new token is called ASSET and is expected to be launched and bridged by the end of this month.

Sandbox’s migration comes several weeks after ApeCoin announced its integration with Polygon. Polygon represents a Layer-2 scaling solution developed to help scale the Ethereum blockchain with faster transaction speeds and reduced gas fees compared to Layer 1.

Ethereum and Polygon’s native tokens, ETH and MATIC, have surged sharply in the past weeks after Ethereum Foundation set a provisional new date for the long-awaited Merge, which will result in a much more energy-efficient Ethereum 2.0. However, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin said earlier this week the Merge is not priced in yet and will not be “until after it happens.”

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