Tesla’s Model Y Price Hike Sparks Stock Rally Amid Market Challenges
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Tesla’s Model Y Price Hike Sparks Stock Rally Amid Market Challenges

Tesla Inc. announces a strategic price increase for its Model Y vehicles amidst a challenging market, leading to a noticeable uptick in its stock.
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In a notable turn of events for Tesla Inc. (NASDAQ: TSLA), the electric vehicle giant recently announced a price hike for its Model Y vehicles in the United States. The move has subsequently led to a rally in its stock price.

Amidst a challenging market environment that saw the company’s shares plummet to a 10-month low and rank as the S&P 500’s poorest performer this year, this price adjustment is a strategic effort to navigate through slowing demand and intensifying competition.

Tesla Shares Gain as Firm Announces Price Increase for Model Y

Tesla Inc. announced on Friday that it would increase the price of all Model Y electric vehicles (EVs) in the United States by $1,000, effective April 1. After factoring in the $7,500 tax credit, the current starting price for a Model Y is $36,490. Following the announcement, Tesla’s stock experienced a 3.2% increase in premarket trading.

The recent uptick in stock price comes after a challenging period for the EV maker. Over the past two weeks, Tesla’s stock has seen a significant downturn, dropping by 19.3%, which marks the company’s worst two-week performance in the last 15 months.

Year to date, Tesla’s stock has decreased by 34.2%, making it the worst-performing stock in the S&P 500 index, which has gained 7.3% during the same period.

As a result of this downturn, Tesla has fallen to the 12th position on the list of most valuable U.S. companies, with a market capitalization of $520.9 billion at the close of the previous week. The company has lost $270.4 billion in market cap since the beginning of the year.

TSLA Stock Technical Brief

Tesla stock surged on Monday, with shares trading at $169.02, up by $5.45 or 3.33% as of 10:17 AM EDT. The electric vehicle maker’s stock opened the day at $170.16, slightly higher than the previous close of $163.57.

The stock price fluctuated between $165.90 and $170.18 throughout the trading session, showcasing the day’s range. Over the past 52 weeks, Tesla’s stock has experienced a wide range, with a low of $152.37 and a high of $299.29.

The company’s market capitalization currently stands at $538.516 billion, with a trading volume of 26,173,278 shares, significantly lower than the average volume of 105,667,635 shares.

Tesla’s stock has a beta of 2.41, indicating higher volatility than the overall market. The company’s PE ratio (TTM) is 39.32, reflecting the price investors will pay for each dollar of earnings.

Tesla’s earnings per share (TTM) stand at $4.30, and the company is expected to report its next earnings between April 17, 2024, and April 22, 2024. Analysts have set an average one-year target price of $198.71 for Tesla’s stock.

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