Swarm Plans to Tokenize Assets for Free, Introduces Staking Model for Issuers

Swarm Plans to Tokenize Assets for Free, Introduces Staking Model for Issuers

Swarm, a non-profit which specializes in providing infrastructure necessary for digital securities, has just announced that it will be hosting no-fee issuances of security tokens. These same issuers will also benefit from a staking model which will reward holders over time.

Swarm has been positioning itself as one of the leaders in making security token issuances easier by providing the necessary digital infrastructure. Just last December, Swarm announced they would be supporting fiat currencies on their security token marketplace with the help of Mercury FX. Projects have found significant success working with the Swarm platform, for example TheArtToken TAT raised some $11 Million in their crowdfunding effort last month.

Now, due to “overwhelming demand” Swarm will be making the process for issuers even easier by introducing “free tokenization” as per a new announcement.

Feeless Issuing and Staking

Issuers on the Swarm platform will now be able to tokenize their assets for free and also be able to join the Market Access Protocol (MAP). MAP will be responsible for staking which would reward issuers and holders over time. The reward structure is yet to be announced.

Levant Suer, who recently worked with Swarm on TheArtToken, has said that the recent move comes after the success of their own fundraising effort. He said:

“Swarm has always been on the leading edge of tokenization. Their platform made it easy for us to issue TheArtToken to the specifications of our legal counsel, and their model enabled us to focus our budgets on legal, marketing, and other crucial costs.”

Swarm is clearly expecting 2019 to be an important year for the security token industry.

About Swarm

Swarm is a non-profit firm founded in 2018 responsible for creating the infrastructure to allow for the security token space to thrive. By facilitating the tokenization of traditional financial assets and their fractional ownership, Swarm is leading the charge for the web 3.0.

What do you think of Swarm’s announcement? Will they play a crucial role in the security token industry? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Image courtesy of Swarm.

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