Security Token Market Forms Partnership with Blockchain Research Consultancy, Pink Sky Group

Security Token Market Forms Partnership with Blockchain Research Consultancy, Pink Sky Group

Security Token Market has just unveiled a new collaboration with Pink Sky Group, one of the leading blockchain research organizations. Security Token Market is among the largest marketplaces for tokenized securities today.

Security Token Market has become a massive repository of past, current, and future security token offerings in the entire blockchain space. Currently, their marketplace boasts some 65 security token offerings thus making it one of the largest such marketplaces in the entire world. Now, they have just announced that they have brought Pink Sky Group onboard to further the depth of information currently present on their platform.

“Connecting Investors with Resources”

A large-scale marketplace for tokenized securities also requires a rich informational library for interested investors to discover and comment on new projects. Pink Sky Group is now officially involved in making this dream a reality for Security Token Market, bringing much-needed research for all the security tokens currently listed and to be listed.

As a consultancy firm, Pink Sky Group specializes in providing much-needed context to wider market-makers and investors to make it easier for them to navigate this complicated blockchain space. The firm has commented that they hope to bring “additional guidance” on board and “bolster this emerging market with quality projects.”

One of the major hurdles for the security token industry is the asymmetry of information present in the space. Information disclosure thus remains a necessary building block for the future security token industry and one that is now slowly being addressed by this new partnership.

Providing background research for investors for all the many tokenized security projects remains imperative in a market that some analysts have said will balloon in 2019.

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