Polymath Partners with Regtech Consultant QRC for Asia-Focused STO Solutions

Polymath Partners with Regtech Consultant QRC for Asia-Focused STO Solutions

On August 1st 2019, Polymath announced a partnership with the QRC Group. The partnership is said to result in increased consultancy services available to Polymath users, especially those with a concentration on the Asian securities market.

Polymath and QRC’s Security Token Partnership Explained

Several companies throughout the security token industry have focused on the Asian security token market.

Now, Polymath has partnered with QRC, a Hong Kong-based regtech consultant. QRC develops end-to-end solutions for Security Token Offerings (STOs) and secondary market trading with a focus on the Asian market.

Companies who use Polymath can now leverage the services offered by QRC. Such services will include guidance throughout the entire STO process through a turnkey solution.

It will feature consultation services to include legal and compliance support, token issuance, and technical infrastructure.

According to Graeme Moore, Head of Tokenization at Polymath,

“We’re excited to welcome QRC to the Service Provider Marketplace. We are continuing our push to provide security token issuers around the globe with access to high-quality STO service providers.”

Shogo Ishida, CEO of QRC Group, also commented on the news:

“Joining the well-renowned Polymath Network is an incredible milestone for QRC. Many companies across the world are now looking to offer their own STOs and Polymath leads the way in offering these companies an easy to use platform. This important relationship ensures QRC can provide world-class STO advisory services paired with the world’s leading token issuance technology platform.”

Polymath’s Recent Updates

Polymath has made numerous headlines as of late.

Two months ago, Polymath announced a partnership with Ethereum co-founder Charles Hoskinson to build a security token-specific blockchain dubbed Polymesh.

In June, Polymath teamed-up with Blockpass to streamline investor verification.

Then, as a surprise to many, Polymath laid-off ten employees and abandoned two projects in July. The company reassured the public by explaining how the action was a result of sharpening its focus of “bringing securities to the blockchain”.

Finally, just a few days ago, Polymath released its ‘Poho’ upgrade, resulting in the ST-20 security token standard being compliant with the ERC-1400.

What do you think about Polymath’s partnership with QRC? What is to make of all the recent developments by Polymath? Will the company lead the pending surge of security token implementation? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Image courtesy of Polymath.