Liquia Digital Assets Launches First Latin American Security Token

Liquia Digital Assets Launches First Latin American Security Token

Liqua Digital Assets announced the launch of its first fully regulated Security Token Offering – BR11. The project will be backed by 11 handpicked tech-based startups based in Brazil.

Tokenized Securities Issuance company, Liquia Digital Assets, has launched what it claims to be the first Latin American Security Token Offer (STO) named “BR11”. The project aims to allow access to early-stage venture capital in Brazil for international investors of any size. This “one of a kind” initiative will raise capital to invest in 11 handpicked high profile Brazilian tech startups that already have a proven business model, significant revenue, market share and high growth expectations.

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Backed by Equity on Startups

What sets apart BR11 from other projects is that it is backed by equity on 11 startups that were already invested by at least one of the Latin American tech industry’s leaders, ACE Startups and Bossa Nova Investments. Liquia Digital Assets stresses that funds invested into these startups remains in the company’s capital and will not be cashed out by the project’s founders of its investors.

The Liquia Digital Assets company was formed by experienced serial Brazilian entrepreneurs, Bernardo Quintão, Pierre Schurmann and João Kepler. The project’s partners include business and investment-oriented law firm Ross & Shulga, multi-exchange cryptocurrency network Wuzu and digital branding agency Blanko.

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Diversified Investment

While BR11 contributors will put their investment into one asset-based security token, the company will divide them into a high-performance portfolio of 11 technology startups. The project will then manage the fund with the aim to achieve potentially significant profits for token holders.

BR11’s token price will be based on the portfolio’s performance rather than the state of the cryptocurrency market. This is intended to make the investment a diversification of risk exposure for prospective investors.

The project will allow BR11 token-holders to trade their tokens in the secondary market from the first day of token issuance which is scheduled to be in November, 2018.

Startup Company Profiles

A closer look at these 11 startups reveal that investors may have the opportunity of achieving diversification with a healthy investment portfolio. The startups include:

Brasil by Bus – offers unique traveling experiences to Brazil’s bus travelers.

Super Agendador – a leading SaaS provider in Brazil’s beauty industry.

Melhor Envio – a freights gateway for Brazilian e-commerce.

Noalvo – an online platform for out-of-home media planning, buying, and delivery.

Inti – a White Label SaaS platform that is inboarded to their client’s own website.

Trakto – helps professionals to create a compelling digital presence.

What do you think of the first Latin American security token? Do you believe it will be a success? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Images courtesy of BR11 website and promotional video, and 123RF.

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