Lightspark Launches SDK that Allows Any Business to Offer a Lightning Wallet
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Lightspark Launches SDK that Allows Any Business to Offer a Lightning Wallet

Lightspark's objective is to expand Lightning Network's accessability and boost its mainstream adoption.
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Lightspark, a crypto startup that develops a software package that helps businesses harness Lightning Network’s (LN) benefits, announced the launch of its new offering – Wallet SDK. According to Lightspark’s press release, the new product allows businesses to offer their clients a Lightning wallet.

What is the Lightspark Wallet SDK?

Crypto startup Lightspark announced on Thursday it has rolled out Lightspark Wallet SDK – a solution developed to allow enterprises of all sizes to offer their clients a Lightning wallet. The launch is part of Lightspark’s broader goal to make the LN more accessible to businesses and drive its mainstream adoption.

According to its press release, Lightspark stated that Wallet SDK was carefully designed to fit the needs of today’s businesses, irrespective of their stage or size. Enterprises can easily integrate the wallet, allowing them to add a unique user interface (UI) and brand identity.

But more importantly, this product aims to reduce the complexity of Lightning payments and enable clients to focus on improving user experience without paying attention to technical challenges like setting up channels and rebalancing liquidity, Lightspark wrote in the release. Businesses can integrate the wallet in just 48 hours, the startup added.

In addition, the SDK package also involves a solution called Lightsprak Predict – a feature designed to offer low-latency, low-cost, and capital-efficient Lightning payments. This will allow businesses to gain better connectivity to the broader Lightning Network while also making sending and receiving Lightning payments more secure.

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Why Lightning Network?

Founded in 2022, Lightspark is a crypto startup that describes itself as “the easiest, most reliable, enterprise-grade gateway to Lightning.” The company builds an enterprise-grade infrastructure that aims to simplify connecting to LN and allow businesses to make instant, low-cost Lightning payments at scale.

For those that are not familiar, Lightning Network is a layer-2 (L2) payment protocol built on top of the Bitcoin mainnet (L1) to facilitate smart contract functionality for the primary blockchain. By enabling off-chain transactions between users, LN reduces the load on the primary blockchain, allowing for faster, cheaper, and more scalable Bitcoin transactions.

Earlier this year, LN’s capacity reached a new all-time high, underscoring the rising adoption of BTC transactions. Moreover, the protocol has been considered one of the main drivers of Bitcoin adoption in recent years.

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