Lawyers Try to Serve Shaq in FTX Lawsuit by Throwing Papers at His Passing Car
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Lawyers Try to Serve Shaq in FTX Lawsuit by Throwing Papers at His Passing Car

Shaq previously denied his connections with the FTX, saying he was just a paid endorser.
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The Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday that the processors have been having trouble serving former basketball player Shaquille O’Neal, despite several attempts. In one of the attempts, the processors tried to serve papers to him by throwing them on his car as he drove away, ignoring them.

Catch Shaq If You Can

Shaquille O’Neal, the NBA basketball legend and sports analyst, is one of the celebrities named in the class-action lawsuit filed by investors against the collapsed FTX exchange. Several other popular stars that promoted FTX are also facing the lawsuit.

However, as opposed to them, Shaq has been dodging the process servers attempting to inform him that he’s named in the suit. According to Wall Street Journal, lawyers hired by the prosecutors behind the lawsuit said they have been trying to find and serve Shaq at his home and studio, but the 7-foot-1-inch former Orlando Magic and Lakers center evaded them every time.

Once, the process servers even tried to throw the papers at Shaq while he was passing by them in a car. According to court filings, two process servers spotted O’Neal leaving his gated home in McDonough, Ga., in a black SUV. They parked their cars on each side of the gate, planning to approach Shaq’s car with papers.

The processors thought they got him, but Shaq is good at dodging people. The big man and his car allegedly rolled around one of the process servers and drove away. Court filings said that one of the processors attempted to throw the papers at O’Neal’s fast SUV, but the documents ended up on the ground.

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Who Else Was Named in the Lawsuit?

The FTX implosion is seen as one of the biggest financial frauds in history. Founded by Sam-Bankman Fried, FTX was among the largest crypto exchanges globally, competing with Binance and Coinbase.

Before its demise, the company was actively hiring well-known Hollywood and sports celebrities to advertise its services, including Seinfeld creator Larry David, football legend Tom Brady FTX, and Steph Curry. It even obtained naming rights to an F1 racing team and a sports arena in Miami.

The WSJ report says that only O’Neal has been contesting the serving process. But Shaq disagrees. In a document filed with a federal court in Florida, Shaq denied the claims that he is dodging anyone, saying the plaintiffs haven’t appropriately served him despite “months and multiple tries.” O’Neal tried to downplay his ties to FTX last year, telling CNBC he was just “a paid spokesperson for the commercial.”

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