Intel Stock Gains Amid Progress on Intel 3 Process
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Intel Stock Gains Amid Progress on Intel 3 Process

Intel Corporation has announced significant progress with its Intel 3 process technology, reaching high-volume production at facilities in Oregon and Ireland, while offering improved performance and density over its predecessor.
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Intel Corporation (NASDAQ: INTC) has made significant strides in its semiconductor manufacturing capabilities, announcing major progress with its Intel 3 process technology.

This development led to the company’s stock showing positive movement in today’s trading session. Intel stock has seen slight gains at the time of writing, up 1.89% over the day. However, year-to-date, Intel’s stock is down 34.8%.

Intel 3 Process Reaches High-Volume Production

Intel’s latest manufacturing technology, the Intel 3 process, has achieved a crucial milestone by reaching high-volume production at the company’s facilities in Oregon and Leixlip, Ireland.

This new process node offers substantial improvements over its predecessor, Intel 4. It delivers up to 18% better performance at the same power consumption and up to 10% greater density. The Intel 3 process is a key component of the company’s ambitious plan to launch five new process nodes in just four years.

The Intel 3 process is particularly significant as it marks the first leading-edge node that will be utilized by external foundry customers. Intel plans to maintain the Intel 3 process for an extended period, offering multiple variants to cater to diverse customer needs.

The company’s Xeon 6 server CPUs, including the Sierra Forest and Granite Rapids models, will be among the first products to leverage this new technology. Intel has already secured approximately $15 billion worth of external business for its foundry services, underscoring the potential impact of this advancement on the company’s future growth.

Intel Stock Sees Slight Gains on Foundry Development

As of 1:42 PM EDT on the current trading day, Intel’s stock price stands at $31.20, reflecting a gain of $0.58 or 1.89%. This positive movement comes amidst a challenging period for the semiconductor industry, suggesting investor optimism about Intel’s recent technological progress and future prospects.

The company’s market capitalization currently sits at $132.878 billion, positioning Intel as a major player in the tech sector. Intel’s price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio, based on trailing twelve months (TTM) earnings, is 31.57, while its earnings per share (EPS) for the same period is $0.97. 

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