Hermès International (HESAY) Hits Record €13.4B Annual Revenue, Up 21% in Q4
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Hermès International (HESAY) Hits Record €13.4B Annual Revenue, Up 21% in Q4

Hermès International SA celebrates a strong performance with €13.4 billion in annual revenue.
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Hermès International SCA (HESAY) showcased an exceptional performance in the last quarter, continuing its robust growth and profitability trajectory. The company outpaced industry expectations with a revenue surge to €13.4 billion, marking a 21% increase at constant exchange rates and a 16% increase at current exchange rates. The growth is attributed to strong sales across all regions and sectors, particularly in Asia, excluding Japan and America, underscoring the brand’s global appeal and operational excellence.

Hermès International Revenue Up 18% in Latest Quarter

Comparing these results against market expectations, Hermès significantly surpassed the anticipated quarterly revenue of €3.26 billion. The fourth-quarter sales reached €3.364 billion, an 18% rise at constant exchange rates, highlighting the company’s ability to exceed financial forecasts and continue its growth momentum. This performance reflects not only the enduring desirability of Hermès products but also the effectiveness of its strategic initiatives, including expanding its retail network and innovating its product lines.

Guidance for the Future

Looking ahead, Hermès provides optimistic guidance for the future, underpinned by its strong business model and commitment to creativity, craftsmanship, and sustainable growth. The company aims to maintain its ambitious growth trajectory, despite the uncertain global economic climate. With a focus on its artisanal model, balanced distribution network, and innovative collections, Hermès is well-positioned to navigate future challenges and seize growth opportunities.

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