Earnings Review: Legend Bio Beats Expectations, Novartis Deal Ups Revenue
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Earnings Review: Legend Bio Beats Expectations, Novartis Deal Ups Revenue

Legend Biotech Corporation reported an EPS of $(0.17) against an expected $(0.26).
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Key Highlights

  • Revenue Surge: Legend Biotech Corporation (NASDAQ: LEGN) reported a significant increase in collaboration revenue, jumping to $75.9 million in Q3 2023 compared to $27.3 million in Q3 2022.
  • Earnings Per Share (EPS) Performance: The company reported a net loss of $0.17 per share for Q3 2023, an improvement over the $0.26 per share loss in Q3 2022.
  • Strategic Licensing Agreement: Legend Biotech entered into an exclusive global license agreement with Novartis, including a $100 million upfront payment and potential future milestones totaling $1.01 billion.

Legend Biotech Corporation (NASDAQ: LEGN) marked a notable advancement in Q3 2023, primarily highlighted by a substantial increase in collaboration revenue. The reported figure of $75.9 million in Q3 2023 is a significant leap from the $27.3 million recorded in the same quarter of the previous year. This growth is attributed to the increased sales of CARVYKTI® under the Janssen Agreement.

Furthermore, the company strengthened its strategic position through an exclusive global license agreement with Novartis. This deal brings an immediate $100 million upfront payment and opens doors to future milestone payments totaling up to $1.01 billion, significantly bolstering Legend Biotech’s financial and strategic outlook.

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Financial Performance: Comparing EPS and Revenue against Expectations

Legend Biotech reported an EPS of -$0.17, surpassing expectations of -$0.31. This performance indicates an improvement over the previous year’s Q3 EPS of -$0.26. Moreover, the company’s revenue for the quarter stood at $96.01 million, slightly under the anticipated $97.42 million. This slight shortfall in revenue is offset by the year-over-year growth and the potential future revenues stemming from the Novartis agreement.

Future Outlook: Investment in Research and Operational Expansion

Looking ahead, Legend Biotech is poised for further growth and innovation. With cash reserves of $1.4 billion, the company is well-positioned to fund its operations and capital expenditures through 2025. This financial stability enables continued investment in research and development, as evidenced by the $95.9 million spent in Q3 2023. Additionally, the company’s commitment to expanding its manufacturing capacity and administrative functions indicates a strategic focus on scaling up operations to meet the growing demand for its products, particularly CARVYKTI®.