Coinbase Rallies as Bitcoin Hits ATH, Nvidia Tumbles After Lawsuit
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Coinbase Rallies as Bitcoin Hits ATH, Nvidia Tumbles After Lawsuit

Coinbase soared as Bitcoin set a new all-time high, while Nvidia tumbled after facing a lawsuit over its AI models allegedly using copyrighted training data.
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The divergent fortunes of two tech titans were on display in premarket trading today as cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase Global Inc. (NASDAQ: COIN) soared amid a record-setting Bitcoin (BTC) rally. At the same time, chip maker Nvidia Corp. (NASDAQ: NVDA) shares tumbled on the fallout from an AI-related lawsuit.

Coinbase Rallies as Bitcoin Hits ATH

Coinbase Global Inc. shares surged on Friday, with the cryptocurrency exchange platform’s stock closing at $256.62, up $14 or 5.77% amid an elevated trading volume of 21.9 million shares. The rally, which saw Coinbase’s price hit $272.91 in premarket trading today for a 6.35% gain, extended the stock’s upward trajectory over the past 52 weeks, during which it has ranged from $46.43 to $270.55.

Coinbase’s $62.2 billion market cap reflects its status as the preeminent U.S. crypto trading venue. While analysts cited potential near-term headwinds, the digital assets bull market bolsters the company’s strong performance. Recently, Goldman Sachs upgraded the stock with a $292 price target.

Nvidia Tumbles After Lawsuit

Nvidia Corp. shares fell sharply last Friday, tumbling $51.41 or 5.55% to close at $875.28 on the massive volume of 114.2 million shares, more than double the average trading volume. The chip maker’s retreat, which saw the stock briefly dip below $867 in premarket trading, came amid a broader pullback in technology shares and provided a wake-up call for the AI-driven market rally propelling Nvidia to record highs.

Despite the recent pullback, Nvidia remains one of the world’s most highly valued companies, following its 52-week range of $222.97 to $974. While Nvidia’s leadership in artificial intelligence solutions has fueled optimism, Friday’s downdraft signals investors may have gotten ahead of the AI market’s near-term prospects. A recent group of writers also started a class-action lawsuit over using copyright material to train Nvidia’s generative models.

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