ChatGPT’s Website Traffic Down 9.7% from June as AI Fatigue Sets In: Report
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ChatGPT’s Website Traffic Down 9.7% from June as AI Fatigue Sets In: Report

ChatGPT's traffic in the US and on a global level fell by 10.3% and 9.7% in June, respectively.
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ChatGPT, the fastest-growing consumer app in the world, saw its traffic plunge 9.7% in June from a month before, marking the first monthly drop since its launch. Still, the artificial intelligence (AI) sensation remains the world’s most-used chatbot, ahead of Microsoft’s Bing and Alphabet’s Google Bard by a significant margin.

ChatGPT’s US Traffic Dropped 10.3% in June

After experiencing unprecedented growth in early 2023, the activity on the popular AI chatbot ChatGPT has begun to fade away in the recent period. Specifically, traffic on ChatGPT’s website declined by 9.7% in June, according to a report by Fortune.

The drop was even more pronounced in the US, where the chatbot’s traffic fell by 10.3% month-over-month. In addition, ChatGPT’s unique visitors also slipped by 5.7% in June from a month earlier.

Although there’s slightly less traffic, ChatGPT remains the most visited AI-based chatbot, and by a large margin. The bot, developed by the AI research lab OpenAI, is ahead of Microsoft Bing’s search engine in terms of global traffic. Bing rolled out its generative AI feature earlier this year, powered by ChatGPT’s underlying technology.

Alphabet’s racehorse, Google Bard, is not even ranked in the top three most-used AI chatbots. The third AI chatbot with the highest user traffic is the one launched by, a startup that allows users to design and develop their chatbots. The company secured $150 million in a recent funding round, taking its valuation to $1 billion.

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Microsoft’s OpenAI Plans

Although the drop in traffic is evident, ChatGPT developer OpenAI may not be too bothered by this downtrend.

One of the reasons is that OpenAI intends to focus more on striking deals with significant business clients and urge them to use its AI services. For instance, Microsoft, which injected $10 billion into OpenAI earlier this year, sells the developer’s services while integrating its technology into its flagship products, such as Office and Azure.

In May, analysts at Goldman Sachs published a note saying they believe that AI could drive US corporate net margins by 4% over a decade. Furthermore, the analysts said the growing AI market could become the strongest long-term support for US companies’ profits.

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