ByBit Launches AI-Powered Trading Assistant
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ByBit Launches AI-Powered Trading Assistant

TradeGPT is Bybit's newly launched AI tool to help investors gain real-time cryptocurrency market insights.
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The newly launched AI tool by ByBit, “TradeGPT,” is set to help investors navigate the extensive cryptocurrency market by reporting real-time market data changes and statistics to crypto users and investors while embedding the generative AI capabilities of OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

Bybit Launches TradeGPT To Assist In Educating Crypto Investors And Users

Dubbed a unique “AI education tool” for crypto users, TradeGPT is Bybit’s newest endeavor to assist its users in gaining more credible crypto expertise and knowledge.

Per the official press release, ByBit’s TradeGPT will offer real-time market analysis alongside answering users’ queries in multiple languages. Considering the rising crypto user base, the tool has been launched, which requires a sophisticated guiding tool to help the masses make sound crypto decisions based on real-time cryptocurrency market statistics.

“In this way, TradeGPT acts as a mentor and guide to the exponential world of Web3. For example, it can offer market strategies in terms of percentage chance and also recommend the right products for the strategies being discussed.

The press statement later reiterates

The exchange launched ToolsGPT, another AI tool intended to deliver seasoned crypto knowledge to its users.

Besides offering real-time crypto market insights, the tool will also be crucial in suggesting market strategies regarding percentage change to its users. The tool will also recommend the right product for the strategies for users to help them deliver practical investment assistance and guidance.

“Our analysts and tech team created ToolsGPT to provide the financial education and mentorship that is sorely needed in our hyper-financialized world,” said Vivien Fang, head of financial products at Bybit. “Essentially, we built the tool that we all wished we had when we began our careers in financial engineering and trading. We’re proud to offer this for free as part of our mission to become the world’s crypto ark.

The starement later adds.

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Artificial Intelligence x Cryptocurrency

The cryptocurrency domain has long been experimenting with AI to deliver tailored Web3 assistance to its users. In 2023, launched its own AI assistant, dubbed Amy, to help users gain the necessary awareness regarding cryptocurrency.

Later on, Binance’s educational wing, Binance Academy, also incorporated its own OpenAI chatbot to help solve users’ queries and concerns in a time-bound manner.

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