Blockworks Launches Grantfarm: Aims to Make Tracking of Crypto Grants, Bounties Easy
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Blockworks Launches Grantfarm: Aims to Make Tracking of Crypto Grants, Bounties Easy

Blockworks launched Grantfarm - a platform that tracks crypto grants and bounties.
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Blockworks unveiled a platform for tracking crypto grant programs to connect grantees to grantors and broaden their access to funding opportunities. The platform, called “Grantfarm,” is free to use and offers new features allowing users to easily find grants, bounties, and requests for proposals (RFPs).

Grantfarm Allows Users to Narrow Down Available Grants Based on Type, Ecosystem and Reward Size

Blockworks, a crypto and financial media firm, announced the rollout of ‘Grantfarm’ – a platform used to “track crypto bounties, grants and requests for proposals” to reinforce the relationship between grantees and grantors and improve their funding opportunities. To achieve this, Grantfarm manages and tracks a list of programs and available RFPs, allowing users to filter through results based on grant type, reward size, and a specific ecosystem.

“It’s our goal to provide a comprehensive public good that proactively tracks all grants programs. We believe this is an enormous value-add to our space, and we look forward to working with programs directly to keep their entries current over time.”

– Blockworks co-founder Jason Yanowitz said.

The new effort will be spearheaded by Blockworks’s director of grants and governance known as ‘Sov,’ who joined the company in January. Although platforms such as The Common Good and LlamaoGrants are used by many in the community, Sov said Grantfarm stands out from other websites by including grant programs, individual RFPs, and bounties, as well as the addition of a “dynamic search.”

This feature lets users narrow a search by five grant types: analytics, community, content, development, and others. Furthermore, it also allows them to filter projects by categories such as artificial intelligence (AI), decentralized finance (DeFi), centralized exchanges (CEXs), non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and stablecoins, among others.

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Free to Use and More Features Planned

Grantfarm is free to use, with plans to add new features in the coming period. By simplifying the funding process, Blockworks said Grantfarm would enable developers, data analysts, researchers, and content creators to find and contribute to active projects easily.

While the number of available grants has notably increased in the past few years, it is still “quite difficult to track all of these programs,” added Jason Yanowitz.

A few months ago, Uniswap Foundation announced $1.8 million in rewards in the first grant wave. More recently, Web3 firm Axelar unveiled a $5 million developer grant for building using its new virtual machine.

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