Bitcoin ETFs Have 95% Chance Of Launching By the End Of 2024: Analysts
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Bitcoin ETFs Have 95% Chance Of Launching By the End Of 2024: Analysts

According to Bloomberg experts, Bitcoin ETFs may arrive as early as 2024.
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After the landmark Grayscale win, Bloomberg analysts have reignited hope among diverse crypto investors by delving deep into the launch of Bitcoin ETFs. The analysts are of the opinion that Grayscale’s historic win may trigger a catalytic effect, expediting the launch of Bitcoin ETFs by 95%.

Bitcoin ETFs may soon become a Reality.

Grayscale’s historic win against the US Securities and Exchange Commission has sparked multiple public debates. While many consider the launch of spot bitcoin ETFs daunting, Bloomberg analysts Eric Balchunas and James Seyffart believe spot bitcoin ETFs can soon become a financial reality.

According to Balchunas, “Spot bitcoin ETFs have a 75% chance of launching by the end of this year and 95% by the end of 2024. “

Balchunas took to X to share additional details, noting that Grayscale’s incredible win against the SEC has bolstered the prospects of launching Spot Bitcoin ETFs shortly. The recent Grayscale ruling has rekindled hope among the masses, which may soon propel other companies like Blackrock to introduce their distinctive Bitcoin ETFs alongside Grayscale’s

Balchunas further emphasized the factor of “unanimity and decisiveness of ruling” that played an elemental role, compelling both analysts to predict the tentative Bitcoin ETF launch period.

The Grayscale ruling was covered extensively by major media portals, which, according to Balchunas, may drastically affect the SEC’s stance on spot bitcoin ETFs.

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What’s next for Grayscale?

Grayscale has certainly emerged as the ultimate winner in its war against the SEC, but the firm still has few approvals to secure before rolling out its highly anticipated spot Bitcoin ETF to the public.

To explore contradictory scenarios, the SEC could again file an appeal against the ruling, which could compel Grayscale to continue its legal warfare against the agency, or the agency could adopt a second stance, allowing all the issuers of Bitcoin spot ETF filings to launch all at once. In either case, the key anticipation and the final verdict will truly impact the core of the crypto economy for years to come.

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