Binance Academy Launches a Chatbot Powered by ChatGPT
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Binance Academy Launches a Chatbot Powered by ChatGPT

Binance Sensei users are subject to all terms and conditions that apply to ChatGPT users.
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On Monday, Binance Academy implemented a new ChatGPT-powered chatbot, Binance Sensei, to provide users with educational information. The move comes amid an ever-growing demand for generative artificial intelligence (AI) solutions that emerged with ChatGPT’s launch last year.

Binance Academy Implements a Chatbot to Help Users Find Answers More Efficiently

Binance has announced the integration of Binance Sensei, an AI chatbot powered by ChatGPT that claims to have been trained on more than 1,000 articles and courses on the exchange’s education platform – Binance Academy. According to the disclaimer page, Binance Sensei was only developed to help users obtain “answers efficiently, using content from the Binance Academy platform. It is not intended to provide any form of specific advice to your intended query.”

Since it is powered by OpenAI’s generative AI sensation known as ChatGPT, using Binance Sensei means that users agree to all terms and conditions that apply to ChatGPT users. The disclaimer adds that the chatbot’s responses can also include publicly available third-party information, views, and opinions from the internet.

These responses are for “general information purposes only” and “do not purport to reflect the views, comments or opinions of Binance Academy,” Binance states. In addition, Binance Academy will not be responsible for any potential errors by Binance Sensei or the results obtained from the users’ use of the chatbot’s information.

Binance Academy is an educational platform that provides free resources and articles about cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, and other related topics. It aims to help users learn about the burgeoning crypto industry and understand how to navigate and participate in it.

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Generative AI Boom and ChatGPT

With its rollout, Binance Sensei became the latest chatbot launched by a tech or a crypto firm in recent weeks as part of the new generative AI mania triggered by the launch of ChatGPT in November 2022. Launched by a small AI research laboratory, OpenAI, ChatGPT became the fastest-growing consumer app on record, reaching 100 million users in only two months.

Its astronomical growth and success have left giant companies and startups rushing to tackle the unprecedented demand for generative AI and develop their proprietary chatbots. Microsoft recently implemented ChatGPT’s underlying technology into its search engine Bing, making it the biggest threat to Google’s dominance.

Meanwhile, crypto firms are also scrambling to take advantage of generative AI. Earlier this month, AI-focused layer-2 solution CryptoGPT raised $10 million in funding to expand its team of developers and global footprint.

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