4 of the Best 5G Penny Stocks in January 2021
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4 of the Best 5G Penny Stocks in January 2021

The 5G industry is all set to take off in the next few years. Here are four related penny stocks that are worth reviewing.
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The 5G industry is all set to be a hot one as we head into the 2020s. Plans for through infrastructure development are rolling out, and companies are pouncing on opportunities. 5G is expected to make a significant impact on our lives, so it’s unsurprising.

There are still many possibly undervalued companies out there that could be excellent investments. If you conduct proper stock research, you could potentially find a real gem in the market.

Top 5G Penny Stocks

We’ve compiled four penny stocks of companies in the 5G industry. These are good starting points for your investments in shares under $1.

1. Borqs Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ:BRQS)

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Borqs Technologies designs, develops, and deploys products in the IoT industries. It is working on multiple smart technology solutions and, in recent months, has picked up a lot of deals. It faced great difficulty in 2020, with its China offices operations the worst affected.

Borqs largely operates in China, India, and the United States. Most of its revenue comes from India and from its Connected Solution.

The company made waves when news broke that it had signed a deal for a 5G park in China. Besides that, it is also working with SkyCentrics in the US for smart controls for power infrastructure.


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Veon is a multinational telecommunications service company with its main office in the Netherlands. It is one of the world’s largest such companies, ninth by the number of subscribers. The Russian market generates the majority of its revenue.

The telecom industry is a hard one to crack, with some companies clearly dominating the market. However, with a market cap of $2.1 billion, it has some clout. This is why some institutions have invested in Veon. It is important to note the $11.12 billion in total debt and a debt ratio of 0.52.

The country largely operates in developing countries. If it can leverage its position and implement 5G in these countries, it stands to gain tremendously.

3. UTStarcom Holdings Corp. (NASDAQ:UTSI)

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Chinese telecom infrastructure provider, UTStarcom, provides a broad range of services, including those for enterprises. The company primarily operates in China, Japan, and India, but is also expanding into Africa and Latin America.

The company has been listed on the NASDAQ since 2000. In recent months, it has been hitting a few milestones, including completing a stage in an important cooperation agreement.

Bear in mind that the company’s stock has been on a decline in recent years. But new deals and improvements could change that. An example of this is an expansion of its cooperation with a European network provider.

4. Globalstar, Inc. (NASDAQ:GSAT)

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Globalstar is an American satellite company that provides solutions for both businesses and individuals. These include IoT, equipment monitoring, and fleet asset tracking services.

While it may seem like the company is dead and buried, it has been moved towards 5G in recent months. It has secured a deal with Nokia that will see it deploy its Band 53 spectrum across Seattle. This helped propel the stock by a whopping 39%.


These are only some of the companies that could be good buys for when 5G grows. It is possible to find the right penny stock, especially with some of the top penny stock brokers. These platforms will make it easier for you to find the right opportunities.

While there are a lot of upsides to be had with penny stocks, the usual rules of investing apply. One thing is certain, the 5G industry will boom in the coming years.

Do you have any penny stock recommendations of your own? What do you think of the stocks listed here? Let us know in the comments below.

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