Avalanche Launches Arcad3 to Help Bring Web2 Devs to Blockchain Gaming
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Avalanche Launches Arcad3 to Help Bring Web2 Devs to Blockchain Gaming

Ava Labs recently unveiled a new platform aimed at helping web2 companies make the jump to blockchain gaming.
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This Friday, Avalanche announced the launch of its Arcad3 program. The program, built by Ava Labs, is intended to support traditional gaming studios that wish to enter the world of web3 gaming by helping them with onboarding, marketing, and tokenomics.

Ava Labs Lauches Arcad3 Program

On June 9th, Ava Labs unveiled its new Arcad3 program. According to the Twitter thread, the program is aimed at helping traditional companies enter the world of blockchain gaming. The program has three main components.

Arcad3 is envisaged at helping companies the right partners within web3—including Ava Labs itself—in order to make onboarding easier. It is also designed to help with marketing by “creating on-chain affiliate marketing with eSports teams and influencers, incentivizing engagement through digital collectibles and spurring user content creation through in-game tokens.”

Additionally, Arcad3 will help participants with tokenomics by ensuring that the in-game economies are compliant and stable. The program also hopes to accelerate the move to web3 by offering the “strength of the Avalanche network”.

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Blockchain Gaming Remains Popular With Companies Despite Recent Turmoil

Despite the ongoing regulatory assault on the digital assets industry, and the apparent cooling off of various institutions on the prospects of web3 following the “crypto winter”, blockchain gaming apparently remains highly enticing to many.

Earlier this week. a blockchain gaming company called Argus successfully completed its $10 million seed round. According to the company, its main goal is to help developers create fully on-chain video games by helping streamline the process with specialized tools.

Additionally, various well-established and well-known firms from within the industry have repeatedly doubled down on their commitment to blockchain technology. Square Enix is perhaps the biggest, and most recent example of the trend.

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